Thursday, 25 August 2011

Loving Joy Bathtime Buddies Octopussy

Loving Joy Bathtime Buddies have a wide range of toys ideal for use in the bath or shower. This one is Octopussy and costs around £19.95 when bought from As you can see, the packaging has been kept simple but it's clear enough to see exactly what you're getting.

When I first took this out of the packaging (which wasn't too hard to do), I couldn't help but smile when I noticed its little eyes.....I hoped we were going to become very good friends lol
To touch, it feels very 'jelly' like and is quite bendy, although the tentacles are a little sturdier. I was a little surprised at how bulbous the head was but certainly game to give it a go!!

Octopussy requires 2 AA batteries (not supplied) and they're easily inserted into the base. The pic above shows the base, the inner of which presses in to turn on and it boasts 5 functions, including a 'pulse' vibration.....just keep clicking until you find the one you want!
I promptly lubed up and off I went.
I didn't find this too hard to insert, although it did feel a little uncomfortable at first. Personally, I like alot of clit stimulation and these tentacles just didn't quite have enough punch. I decided to remove it and I have to say, this action didn't feel pleasant at all as I could feel the bulbous head coming out.
Although I found inserting it not quite for me, the vibration as I stroked and rubbed my clit with it had me reaching the point of orgasm in no time at all.....making a pleasurable experience for both myself and my man.

Overall, this wasn't really for me however, I will definately be trying out some of the other Bathtime Buddies range.

Please note that this review is based upon my own opinion, which may well differ from your own!!

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