Friday, 4 September 2015

A Taste For Three by Rebecca Black

This is an absolutely great little novella from the lovely Rebecca Black ....and her first!

Cooking has always been a huge part of Ellies life and something she finds great comfort in, so when she was given the opportunity of working as a chef at E'Toile, she jumped at the chance. Nate and Jack were her best friends and her bosses - and both as hot as hell, so she tried hard to ignore the constant lucid thoughts running through her head. Besides, she had been celibate for the whole year she'd worked there and she could handle it ....or so she thought! Many a day she'd spend lusting after her bosses, watching how they moved and imagining the fun she could have with both of them. Little did she realise that both Jack and Nate were fighting similar feelings, only now they felt it was time to act on them. They approach Ellie and offer her a proposition, one which would hopefully satisfy all three of their needs, but would Ellie go for it?

I have to say that this only took me a few hours to read as I was gripped almost from the off. Rebecca has a great writing style and expertly draws the reader in. Although this is only a short novella, the characters are cleverly brought to life and you're given real understanding of their situation. I found myself really warming to Ellie and it was great having a little background knowledge to better understand her feelings. The sex scenes are sensual yet dirty which I absolutely loved. Rebecca, I applaud you on making me gasp's not an easy thing to do but hey, you managed it!
Overall a great read and one that will make you squirm on the edge of your seat! I look forward to reading more from Rebecca Black with great anticipation.

I received this review copy free of charge in return for an honest review.

About the Author
Rebecca Black is a Yorkshire girl born and bred. She is first and foremost a voracious reader and an author of erotica and erotic romance. She believes that the hottest sex scenes are the ones where emotions are involved (plus lots of dirty talk, lots of spanking, licking and sucking and well... you get the idea). 

She is the author of A Taste For Three (m/m/f) from Evernight and has several short stories due to be released in erotic anthologies and another book due out with Evernight in September '15 Let's Ride (f/f). Rebecca blogs regularly at Rebecca Black Erotica ( and is a contributor to the fantastic Cliterati ( magazine.

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