Wednesday 18 January 2012

Tingle Me by Silky Vibrations

Tingle Me from Silky Vibrations is the new 'instant-use' panty massager, and I was lucky enough to be sent one for review.

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Tingle Me arrived in a small grey and white box with a flap across the front. When I opened this, I saw for the first time just how small and pretty this panty massager was!
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The small heart shaped vibe comes in a 2 clear bits of plastic which simply snap shut making sure your vibe reaches you in perfect condition. Inside the clear plastic is also an instruction leaflet explaining exactly how to use your new toy.
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The vibe consists of a small heart shaped piece of silicone, with a tiny bullet moulded into the middle - hence how it's 'one use only' as you can't change the batteries, and theres a lovely decorative raised heart on the bullet. Theres a small on/off button at the very bottom of the bullet which is clearly marked (despite my best attempts, I couldn't get a clear pic to show you, sorry).
The bullet measures 1.5 inches in length and 1.2 inches in circumference (as much as I could measure anyway) and the heart is around 1.6 inches across its fattest part and 1.5 inches in length.

As per the directions, I carefully peeled off the plastic backing to reveal the Tingle Me's sticky side. I personally found it easier placing the vibe where I wanted it, then I pulled my panties up and rubbed over to make sure it was stuck securely - I didn't want any embarassing accidents!
The vibe fit snugly and wasn't in the least bit uncomfortable, although I would recommend wearing tight fitting panties but loose fitting trousers or a skirt, as the shape of the heart can be seen otherwise.

Tingle Me is designed to last for around 20 minutes and I have to say, that was definately enough time to give me some light relief and leave me satisfied. This vibe is very aptly named as it gives off nice light flutters which certainly made me tingle! It's not a strong, overpowering sensation, but if you're out and about, the last thing you want is a full on 'When Harry Met Sally' moment!! There is absolutely no fear of the vibe breaking free from your underwear either as the stick is pretty strong, although not too strong that you can't get it off again. When sitting down, I found myself squirming a little and it's very easy to position yourself so that the vibe hits the spot perfectly. I had less control whilst walking and struggled to maintain my dignity - the temptation just to stop and let everything flow was so overpowering, although with others around, it wasn't such a good idea!
Once used, simply dispose and move onto the next.

Overall I would highly recommend the Tingle Me as it's discreet enough to pop in your handbag and noise is limited to a dull hum so you can use them whenever and wherever. Apart from that, it's also totally waterproof so you could even go for a 'pleasure' swim.

You can purchase Tingle Me from Silky Vibrations for $10

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  1. Cute, but it seems a bit pricey for a one use vibe. :(