Friday, 20 April 2012

4US from Rocks-Off

The third and final product I received for review from Rocks-Off was the 4US in blue.

Box with clear plastic sleeve

It arrived in a nice sturdy black box which was covered by a clear plastic sleeve. Once the sleeve has been removed the lid simply opens out to reveal your new toy.
Open front
If you lift out the 4US and the plastic bed that it lies on, you'll find a small leaflet showing all other available Rocks-Off products - this just made me want more.
Box contents
The 4US is a cock ring which is designed to be used by couples and is also the first 'couples' toy i've had the privilege of trying. It's made from soft, body-safe silicone which is extremely flexible and the vibrations are provided by the removable RO-80mm bullet..
End of 4US where RO-80mm bullet goes

RO-80mm bullet
The 4US is so easy to use ....simply place over the penis, turn on and you're ready to go! The softness and flexibility of the slicone makes it comfortable to wear and my man said that when the bullet was resting against his testes, the vibrations were very pleasurable but not too intense. The cock ring stretches from around 1.5 inches in diameter, to around 3 inches at full stretch. We did find it a little awkward during sex but that's mainly becuase once my man was pressing against me, I didn't want him to move!! It also stayed firmly in place due to the helpful little nubs around the inside of the ring - they help it to 'grip' the penis. I received stimulation whether the cock ring was worn facing upwards or downwards although it wasn't quite as strong as i'd expected it to be. My man found it a nice toy to use for a change, but said that he wouldn't want to use it too often as he felt that it turned me on more than himself....and he was probably right. As the 4US is fully waterproof, you can comfortably indulge in some bathtime fun too.

I love the idea that the bullet is removable as this left me free to have some solo play time once my man was satisfied ....and I can help myself to it any time I choose. I suspect that you could fit a few of the RO bullets into the end of this, it just depends on the strength of vibration you're looking for ...the stronger the better for me.

To clean, simply remove the bullet and wash thoroughly with either warm soapy water, or your preferred choice of toy cleaner and you're all set for the next time.

For more information about the 4US or indeed any other Rocks-Off products, click here.

It is available to buy at the following sites: - £16.95
sexshop365 - £17.95
ethicalsextoys - £18.95
vibratorkingdom - £15.99

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