Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Mini Rabbit Vibrator

My next item for review from the Extreme Super Sex Delight Pack is the Mini rabbit Vibrator in Blue.

It's around 5 inches in length (5 and a half if you include the base) but only around 3 inches available for insertion before you hit the infamous rabbit. It has a girth of around 4 inches at its fattest. The batteries (2 AA not included) are inserted into the base which operates with a simple twist action. It has a slidey switch on the bottom with 'on' and 'off' so there are no variable speeds.

The first thing I noticed about this was the wonderful raised flower patterns...they make it look so pretty. Time has even been taken to provide a small face on the head of the vibe (see pic below).

I absolutely loved this 'extra' touch (click on the pic to enlarge) and although you can feel the slight difference in texture when using, I found it to be quite pleasant and not uncomfortable at all.

Unlike larger Rabbits, there is only one nodule and this is situated in the general body of the vibrator. Due to this, I found that it didn't quite give me the clit stimulation I required to reach orgasm which was slightly disappointing.
The other problem I found was the smell of the vibe, it really is quite overpowering and not at all's like a strong rubbery, plasticy (not sure if theres such a word but hey ho!) smell which lingers on your hands too. Even after cleaning and with a bit more use, the smell didn't weaken.

Cleaning was relatively easy, although you do have to make sure you get between the flower patterns which can be a bit fiddly and time consuming.

All in all, this was great for some light relief but it definately didn't give me the orgasmic experience I enjoy with my full size Rabbit.

The Mini Rabbit Vibrator can be purchased from Naughty Nights UK at a price of £8.50 (currently on offer at time of post) and is available in Pink.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Egg Vibrator

This is just one of the items received in my Extreme Super Sex Delight Pack from Naughty Nights UK. It's described on my invoice as "Egg Vibrator" however the only one I can find on site is the Multispeed Bullet Vibrator...and they look the same although the packaging's slightly different!

The control has a compartment on the back which opens allowing the 2AA batteries to be inserted. All are made form a smooth, light plastic.

The egg design makes for really easy insertion and once in, I had no trouble getting it to stay there. It's the first time i'd ever used an 'egg' and I have to say, it manages to hit the G-spot perfectly. The control has a button on the side which you can twist to alter the strength of the ranges from a light tickle to a more intense vibration.
I was feeling kind when I tried this, so passed the control to my man....fortunately he wasn't sitting too far away as the connecting wire isn't very long!
I'd find myself becoming engrossed in the tv until BAM, my man would twist the button and send a pulsing vibration straight to my G-spot. He'd leave it there for a couple of minutes, then nothing....sod! This all heightened the overall pleasure though, so no complaints.
Due to me needing alot of clit stimulation to achieve orgasm, I didn't find that the egg itself was quite enough, so used my mini vibe to give me the extra boost I craved.

All that said, I will certainly be looking to purchase another of these, maybe a slightly upgraded model or a wireless one (they look fab)!

Great design, good vibration, easy clean, light and easy to use but could certainly do with a longer wire if to be used with your partner.
Great value too....offer price on Naughty Nights UK at the moment is only £7.95! ;)

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

HOORAY I'm Certified....

I have now been certified as a Real Sex Toy Reviewer which basically means that yes, i'm real and so are my reviews!!

Due to this, I have now been able to add this lovely fancy new logo to my blog.....check it out on the top left of my page. Looks good eh! ;)

Everywhere you find this same logo, you can guarantee that all reviews are honest and above all, real! Check out the Real Sex Toy Reviews site for a full list of current members and blogs.