Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Girls Night In

Sex. We (almost) all do it, yet how many of us actually sit down and discuss it? Men talk about it with their mates, often in a non-constructive manly way, yet we women remain tight lipped. That is until now.

The Boudoir have taken the lead and provided somewhere for us women in the UK to get together and discuss all things sex. They're travelling all over the country to help get women talking and here's what they say:

Join the conversation ………
The Boudoir is travelling the length & breadth of the Country speaking directly to Women about their loves & lives.
Be a part of the biggest shared sexual resource in history with a Girls Night In.
  • Get together 5 – 7 friends that form a comfortable group.
  • We can either attend the gathering at your home or book an area at a local venue.
  • 1-2 members of our creative team arrive with wine & nibbles.
  • We enjoy a relaxed girls night with some focussed topics of conversation, which typically lasts 90 minutes
  • Every participant gets a nice Boudoir gift for their contribution & a £25 Gift Voucher
The Boudoir is a creative project as well as a store & we are proud of the guidance we have given over the past 7 years.
We have long term plans to become the worlds largest shared resource for both women & couples on matters of sexual health and pleasure.
Our aim is to continue sharing tips, guiding, advising, producing amazing pieces of animation/video and developing product that makes people feel good about themselves.
We consider this a shared exercise and have started meeting with select groups to gain valuable resource in our quest.
All participants remain anonymous (unless they wish otherwise) and we ask that every person allows us to discreetly use aspects of the discussion as part of our creative content & shared resource for the benefit of the ladies of the Nation.
One of our ladies arrives with refreshments and a Boudoir Goody Bag with vouchers for every participant.
Sound like something that may interest you? Head over to The Parlour to find out more about Girls Night In, then get your besties together and start talking!! There's also loads of information on there about sex and relationships, so feel free to get involved and most of all, have fun!! 

You can also follow The Boudoir on Twitter, Facebook and even Pinterest.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Not Her Type by Kay Jaybee

Each Tuesday, Jenny has her dvd's delivered by her regular courier, John. It's not until John admits to Jenny that she has become the centre of his sexual dreams, that things suddenly become hot and heedy between them.
Will the stolen few minutes each Tuesday be enough to satisfy both their desires? You'll have to read it to find out!!

The idea behind this story is such a simple yet intriguing one. We all have parcels etc delivered, but how many of us actually fantasize about our delivery men? I can't say I wouldn't, but then i've never had the good fortune to be faced with a 'hunky' courier .....yet!!

I was gripped from beginning to end and curious to learn more about the weekly romps which slowly began taking over Jennys life and filling her every waking thought. Each session is different, but all as steamy as hell and explained in great detail. Jenny is amazed at how far she's prepared to go to keep John happy and is stunned at just how brazen she can be. Her weekly meetings help bring out a side to Jenny which has been kept under wraps for quite some time and she soon begins to feel liberated.

It's not long before Jenny falls head over heels with John, but does he feel the same or are the weekly meetings about to fizzle out?

A fairly short read but one that's guaranteed to leave you damp and wanting more!

You can purchase Not Her Type from the following: for £2.03 on kindle for $3.08 on kindle

If you prefer, this book is also available in paperback ;)