Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Angelic Dreams from SexToyMarket

It's always exciting receiving new toys in the post, and when asked if i'd be interested in reviewing for them, I promptly accepted and began to stalk my postie. Within a couple of days I received my first review toy .....
Angelic Dreams
Back of box
The Angelic Dreams is a realistic penis vibrator which is made from Loveclone RX material (a trademarked name for a hydrocarbon polymer that is synthetically produced - this material is made to mimic real skin) and is phthalate free. It also claims to be waterproof, however the packaging does state that it is not to be immersed in water and is more suitable for shower play ...please bare this in mind!
In all it's glory
Once removed from the packaging, you'll find your new toy and a small instruction leaflet. This toy feels absolutely amazing. It is so soft to touch and has a silky smooth feel which begs to be played with.
Easy insertion for 1AA battery (not included)
The base of the vibe simply twists to open and there's room inside for 1 AA battery which isn't included.
Push button operation
Once the battery is in, screw on the bottom and press the small pink button on the base to operate. There are 2 speed settings, push once for mild vibrations and push again for stronger vibrations  (another push and it will be turned off).

The vibrations aren't exceptionally strong, although they do run from the base through to the tip which I quite liked. The other thing I really loved about this is that it's bendy! Not to the point that it just flops, but it is possible to manouvre the end for pin point accuracy...
Bent to the left
and to the right
You can bend it forwards
or even backwards
...this makes for an extremely versatile vibrator! The Angelic Dreams is around 7.5inches from end to end with around 4.5inches insertable and is 1.5inches in diameter. It's very lifelike indeed, from the pale fleshy colour, to the realistic veins this is like having your very own personal willy but without the complications.
Realistic veins
I opted for my fave Premium Aqua Gel from Givelube as it's water based and suitable to use with the Angelic Dreams, and I did need lube as I found that the vibe became slightly sticky once i'd cleaned the protective powder off it. I would be lying if I said that those fantastic veins couldn't be felt at all, but they are anything but unpleasant and could only be felt during my first few minutes of 'play time'. After that, I was so carried away that I didn't really notice them. The vibrations aren't quite as strong as i'd have liked but did manage to help me reach orgasm. I think this would be fantastic if it had some form of clit tickler attached to it ....I like alot of clit stimulation, so for me this would have been a perfect addition.

All in all I really liked this! I'd say it's ideal for anyone whether you're a toy sexpert or just a novice as the feel of the Angelic Dreams is so realistic and as it's squidgy, it conforms to your body shape whilst in use making it not only comfortable, but easy to operate too. Unlike with some vibes, I had no probs altering the speed whilst the vibe was in use ....many others become too slippery once lube has been applied but this was fine. As for the noise level, it's more of a dull humming sound and is alot less noticable if you hide under the duvet with it!
To clean, simply wash in warm soapy water (although do not immerse) or use your usual wipes/spray etc.

The Angelic Dreams is availbale from at a cost of £16.97 - which I think is fab for what you get!

Friday, 20 April 2012

Pleasurists Edition 174

Image courtesy of Midnight Boudoir*

Welcome to Pleasurists, a round-up of the adult product and sex toy reviews that came out in the last seven days. If you like what you see and want more of it be sure to follow the RSS Feed and Twitter for updates.
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Scarlet Lotus
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4US from Rocks-Off

The third and final product I received for review from Rocks-Off was the 4US in blue.

Box with clear plastic sleeve

It arrived in a nice sturdy black box which was covered by a clear plastic sleeve. Once the sleeve has been removed the lid simply opens out to reveal your new toy.
Open front
If you lift out the 4US and the plastic bed that it lies on, you'll find a small leaflet showing all other available Rocks-Off products - this just made me want more.
Box contents
The 4US is a cock ring which is designed to be used by couples and is also the first 'couples' toy i've had the privilege of trying. It's made from soft, body-safe silicone which is extremely flexible and the vibrations are provided by the removable RO-80mm bullet..
End of 4US where RO-80mm bullet goes

RO-80mm bullet
The 4US is so easy to use ....simply place over the penis, turn on and you're ready to go! The softness and flexibility of the slicone makes it comfortable to wear and my man said that when the bullet was resting against his testes, the vibrations were very pleasurable but not too intense. The cock ring stretches from around 1.5 inches in diameter, to around 3 inches at full stretch. We did find it a little awkward during sex but that's mainly becuase once my man was pressing against me, I didn't want him to move!! It also stayed firmly in place due to the helpful little nubs around the inside of the ring - they help it to 'grip' the penis. I received stimulation whether the cock ring was worn facing upwards or downwards although it wasn't quite as strong as i'd expected it to be. My man found it a nice toy to use for a change, but said that he wouldn't want to use it too often as he felt that it turned me on more than himself....and he was probably right. As the 4US is fully waterproof, you can comfortably indulge in some bathtime fun too.

I love the idea that the bullet is removable as this left me free to have some solo play time once my man was satisfied ....and I can help myself to it any time I choose. I suspect that you could fit a few of the RO bullets into the end of this, it just depends on the strength of vibration you're looking for ...the stronger the better for me.

To clean, simply remove the bullet and wash thoroughly with either warm soapy water, or your preferred choice of toy cleaner and you're all set for the next time.

For more information about the 4US or indeed any other Rocks-Off products, click here.

It is available to buy at the following sites: - £16.95
sexshop365 - £17.95
ethicalsextoys - £18.95
vibratorkingdom - £15.99

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Basix Mini Butt Plug from Nice'n'Naughty

Another review for Nice'n'Naughty, although this one is a little different for me as I received something which i've never tried before - the Basix Mini Butt Plug by Pipedream!

Basix Mini Butt Plug
Most of my previous reviews have been for dildos or vibrators as the idea of putting something into my private back quarter somewhat disturbed me ....this didn't stop my curiosity though!

After some careful consideration, I agreed to test out this Basix Mini Butt Plug - mainly because it didn't look too obtrusive or scary (i'm such a wimp).

The packaging for this is pretty basic ....a clear, sturdy plastic casing which shows exactly what you've got for your money. There are no instructions or anything either, although logically, you can't really go wrong!
Out of the packaging
Once removed from the packaging, the butt plug is relatively small both in length and girth. The material used is American-made rubber and is 100% phthalates and latex-free making it both safe for the environment and hypoallergenic. Excluding the base, the length is 4" and the circumference is just under 2" at the very tip and just under 3" at it's fattest part to try it!

As with anything anal related, hygiene is of the utmost importance so please be sure to clean your new toy thoroughly before and after each use and never go straight from anal to vaginal use before cleaning first!

Once I cleaned my new toy, I began to prepare myself for intrusion. A healthy dollop of lube and I was all set ....or so I thought! As this is the first time i've ever used an anal toy, I found myslef fumbling around quite a bit - kinda pleased my man wasn't there to witness this debacle as he'd probably have burst out laughing at me. When I first felt this butt plug in my hand, I thought wow, this is nice, flexible and small so it should be okay for my first time ....I was wrong.

The size and design of this are perfect, although the flexibility caused me a number of problems - mainly getting the damn thing in. Each time I tried to ease it inside me, it just bent. Some 20 minutes and lots of sweating later, I could finally breathe a sigh of relief as i'd at last achieved what i'd set out to do - get the butt plug in and have some fun.
Barely touching but see it bend!
Once I actually managed to get this where I wanted it, I was pleasantly surprised by how it felt. Although the bendiness caused me a few problems, it allowed the butt plug to adapt to my shape and size making it very unobtrusive and comfortable. It did try to 'pop' out a couple of times but i'm not sure if that's just because I wasn't positioned too well. I had no idea how turned on I could get through using this and giving my clit some stimulation at the same time .....WOW!!

Overall I really liked the size and texture of this although it could definately do with being a little sturdier. The colour is quite pretty and although it did have a bit of a smell to it, it certainly wasn't as overpowering as some.

The Basix Mini Butt Plug is available from Nice'n'Naughty at a cost of £5.99

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Pleasurists Edition 173

Photo by Lucy*

Welcome to Pleasurists, a round-up of the adult product and sex toy reviews that came out in the last seven days. If you like what you see and want more of it be sure to follow the RSS Feed and Twitter for updates.

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Scarlet Lotus

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Monday, 2 April 2012

Special Spring Offers from Eden Fantasys

EdenFantasys, the online sex shop with a whole lot more, have some fantastic Spring offers on sex toys and underwear at the minute, so I though i'd share a few of my favourites with you.

For those of you looking for some sexy underwear then look no further as I have found some absolute beauties!
China Doll Busier, Thong & Stockings
If you're a fan of bustiers, then take a look at this! The China Doll bustier comes complete with thong and stockings and looks absolutely stunning in red. The bustier has removable shoulder and garter straps so is extremely versatile. It's available in sizes 32 - 38 and costs only $23.39 which is a saving of $15.60! You really can't go wrong for that.

If bustiers aren't your thing, then check out this gorgeous little number...
Babydoll, thong & toy
This spandex mesh babydoll comes complete not only with a matching thong, but also a free intimate sex toy ... and all for only $17.54. There are only 'plus' sizes left available in this so grab 'em while you can if your thinking of treating yourself.

For a full selection of the available underwear, click here

If you're fancying yourself a new toy for some 'play time' fun then check out the offers below...
Bnaughty unleashed egg
The Bnaughty unleashed egg is available in red and as you can see, is remote controlled for that added fun factor. Small, discreet and guaranteed to raise a smile this little cutie can be yours for only $30.00.

Budding Bliss Rabbit Vibrator
If you're a fan of the Rabbit, then try the Budding Bliss rabbit vibrator for that little bit of extra oomph. The clitoral stimulator is designed to replicate a small rosebud and is guaranteed to hit the spot, while the shaft rotates giving internal stimulation. An absolute must-have and a bargain at only $49.99 - that's a massive saving of $50.00!! This product is also in EdenFantasys top 10 most popular buys, so that should tell you something!

Other offers which may interest you...
Save 30% off Doc Johnson toys
Save 30% off CalEx Butterfly vibes
Check out the EdenFantasys website for more fantastic offers!

LUV Body Massager from Rocks-Off

As I mentioned in my Naughty-Boy review, I was sent 3 products from Rocks-Off, and after having a few lappy problems, i'm finally ready to post my second.

I had planned on this being the first toy I tried, but a shortage of batteries (they're always dead when needed) meant I had to wait. I did eventually get some and managed to have some fun.

LUV Body Massager (front of box)
The LUV Body Massager arrived in a simple clear, hard plastic box with a removable outer sleeve.
Back of box
Once you remove the outer sleeve, you have the hard plastic box which has a lift-off lid ...
Lift-off lid for easy access
And there you have it, a gorgeous massager with a pretty pink heart shaped head and 2 simple push buttons on the handle to operate.
Gorgeous sleek design 
As with most Rocks-Off products, the LUV Body Massager is 100% waterproof so you can give yourself a nice little massage whether chilling in front of the tv or relaxing in a nice hot bath, either way, you're sure to have fun! 

Removable end for battery insertion
The massager requires 4AA batteries (not included) and these are inserted into the bottom as shown in the pic above. I did have a few problems opening the bottom ....until I discovered that there's a knack to it!
There are 2 push buttons on the handle of the massager, 1 to turn it on or off and the other to flick through the 5 available settings. The first 3 settings are continuous vibrations, with each one stronger than the last, and the last 2 settings give pulsating vibrations.

I used this both as a massager and as a pleasure toy and I found that both were pretty satisfying. The vibrations run through the whole of the heart shaped head which allows it to cover a pretty large area and the vibrations are nicely strong too. I wouldn't say that this had me screaming with orgasmic pleasure, although I did find it to be very sensual and satisfying when used in the right places. As a massager used to ease pains it worked quite well and managed to help de-stress me without making my whole body shake. I passed it over to my man to use on me and give him some control but he found it a little awkward ...maybe due to it's size. From end to end the massager is 7 1/2 inches long and the heart shaped head is around 3 inches at its fattest and made from a nice, soft silky material which feels sensual on the skin. 

As for the nise level, well, it is pretty loud although you can dull that slightly by slipping under the duvet with it!

Overall I loved the LUV Body Massager and would definately recommend it to give satisfaction as well as relaxation - depending on where you use it! Another bonus is that you wouldn't really worry about anyone 'accidently' finding this as it doesn't look like a standard pleasure toy, especially it being so pretty!

The LUV Body Massager is available to buy from many good stockists including:
Nice'n'Naughty - £34.99 - £34.95