Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Ann Summers Discount Codes .....

If you're planning on in treating yourself to some sex toys from Ann Summers, then now's the time to do it! Please use the following codes for discounts .....

Code Details:
Offer: 15% off when you spend £30 on sex toys
Start Date: 30th April
End Date: 6th May
T&Cs - Code only applies to sex toys

Express Delivery Details:
Offer: Half price Express Delivery
Start Date: 30th April
End Date: 1st May

Happy Spending :)

Monday, 29 April 2013

Lucky Me Lucky You Flavored Towelettes

Lucky Me Lucky You are a new innovative Strawberry flavored towelette used to enhance pleasure. Here's the official information .....

Flavored and scented towelette that when applied to any skin surface will provide gentle cleansing and a great smelling and pleasant tasting experience.

Intended Use:
An adult novelty item that is intended to be applied to the male or female genital area. When applied in this manner it is intended to enhance the oral sexual experience. This is a single-use product. Application to other skin surfaces (ie neck, navel) that are erogenous zones is a secondary intended use.

All below ingredients are known to be Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS), a standard established by the United States Food and Drug Administration. The towelette is composed of 45 gsm spun-laced cotton and when unfolded has dimensions of 5x6cm (approx. 2x2 3/8in).

Water, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Stevia Rebaundia extract, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate and a proprietary blend of aromatics and flavoring agents.

I was recently asked if i'd like to receive some of these fantastic towelettes in return for an honest review.

Here's what I thought after my first try....

When I first opened out the towelette, I was met with a gorgeous strawberry smell which sent my senses into overdrive. I removed the towelette and opened it out ........i'm sorry that at this point I didn't think of taking a pic, but I had other things on my mind. I gave my other half a quick pre-warning that it may be a little cold, then proceeded to rub it over his penis. We both found this quite amusing rather than sensual but it certainly added a little bit of spice. Apart from the coldness, my partner didn't really notice any difference in sensitivity etc but he did enjoy the application process.
I began to give my man some oral stimulation in order to get a taste for these towelettes and to be honest, I could smell more than I could taste which was slightly disappointing. I tried wiping his penis again several times to see if the flavour improved but still struggled to taste anything strawberry, although the smell was as pungent as ever!

Then we tried again.....

Not being one to give up, we decided to wait a couple of nights and try again, just in case the towelette had dried out a bit ....i'd realised that i'd stored it near a radiator!!

Once again, I didn't think about taking a pic before starting but the towelettes resemble wet wipes which come in individual wrappers. You simply remove from the packet, open out and have some fun!

My man lying in wait, me with the towelette in my hand and the kids pre-occupied. We were ready for another shot. This time, the wipe DID feel slightly damper, so maybe the radiator did have alot to do with the lack of flavour from the first one. Rather than just wipe over my mans' penis, I placed the towelette over the top and wrapped my hand around it. I held it there for around 30 seconds before removing and proceeding to give oral. WOW!! The strawberry flavour really came through this time and was alot more pleasant than i'd imagined. This had all my senses going ......I could smell the sweet, strawberry aroma and taste it with every kiss, lick and suck. I actually think my partner enjoyed it all the more as I was savoring the taste which probably made me take things alot more slowly and seductively. For as long as I performed, I was able to taste the strawberry, right through to ejaculation.

Overall opinion

Despite my misgivings after the first try, I would certainly recommend these wipes to add a little something extra to oral sex. They provide a pleasant tasting experience and would be superb for those who aren't too keen on the idea of oral sex. The towelettes are simple to use, and unlike flavoured lubes etc, they aren't messy in the slightest. The smell left on the genital area disappears within an hour(ish) so you've nothing to worry about there either. Play around by wiping over nipples to give your man a tasty strawberry treat ......you never know where it might lead! Most of all, have fun!!

For purchasing information, click here.

I received Lucky Me Lucky You Flavored Towelettes free of charge in return for an honest review, this does not in any way affect my opinion of this product. All opinions are my own.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

The Rechargeable One from Ann Summers

I was absolutely thrilled when I received a delivery from Ann Summers at the weekend and proceeded to have a fantastic weekend! I was so impressed with the products I received, that I decided to review them and share my opinions with you all.
So, here's my first review .....

We've all heard of the Rampant Rabbit and probably have many variations hidden away in drawers etc, but when I received The Rechargeable One, I really couldn't believe my luck! I'm a HUGE fan of the infamous rabbit vibes as they give extra stimulation exactly where I like it but I often run down the batteries and have to wait till I remember to buy more before I can 'play with the bunnies'.
Thanks to The Rechargeable One, that is now a thing of the past!!

The box shows a rather delightful picture of your new vibe and opens out to reveal it in all it's glory. The front of the box is held down with a small magnet which is really easy to open.

Inside, you'll find the most attractive looking rabbit vibe, a charging dock and an adapter.

I couldn't wait to get my hands on it and see how it felt ...and I wasn't disappointed!

The Rechargeable One is made from Silicone/ABS, is free from latex and phthalates and has a lovely silky feel. There are slight ripples running down the body of the vibe, but these can't be felt during insertion ...well, not for me anyway!

You are advised to charge your new Rabbit for around 12 hours before it's first use ......this requires the patience of a saint!! I decided to charge mine overnight, that way I wouldn't be constantly checking it. Don't panic though, after the initial first charge, you only have to recharge for an hour or two ...PHEW!!

The vibe sits nicely on it's charging dock and it's a much better idea than having to lie it on the floor to charge. There's a flashing LED whilst it charges which turns into a solid light once charged so you'll know exactly when it's ready without having to play guess work!

Make sure you connect the base of the rabbit properly to the charging dock, otherwise you'll be waiting even longer!!

My pictures really don't do justice to this fabulous work of art and it's pretty difficult to tell the colour from them but it's a very bright neon pink which I absolutely adore.

Not only is this beautiful to look at, but it's also extremely pleasurable to use. It boasts a very impressive 5-7 inches in length of which at least 6 inches is insertable ...wow! It is 1.5 inches in diameter and is fully waterproof.

The shaft itself has 3 different functions ranging from slow rotations to more rapid powerful ones and my favourite part, the ears, boast a whopping 7 different functions ranging from mild pulsating to very strong vibrations. The rechargeable one is around 30% more powerful than it's battery operated hutchmates making it a must-have toy for all rabbit lovers.
I held my finger over the ears before using and was stunned at the power behind them when it was set at its most strongest. I was also a little unsure as to whether my clit would be able to handle such strength!

Plenty of lube is the key here, which is where my favourite Givelube come in. Although the girth isn't enormous, I was a little worried at how much i'd have to insert before the ears were able to work their magic, but once fully lubed, I had no problems at all. The silky feel of the Rabbit made for easy insertion and the gentle rotation of the shaft successfully massaged my g-spot and all other nerve endings. Oh my word, when those ears reached me I knew instantly. The pleasure that surged through my body was like nothing i'd experienced for a long time. One part of me was saying that I needed to move it as I could take no more, but the other half was saying 'gimme more'. Little did I know that my other half was having a ball altering the functions and this really heightened my excitement resulting in a mind blowing orgasm.

Overall I absolutely LOVE my new Rabbit and he now has pride of place in my bedroom! The smoothness of the shaft makes him ideal for both beginners and more experienced users alike. Unlike alot of other vibes, he's pretty quiet too so great if your looking for a bit of discretion. He's easy to clean and easy to store .....perfection!

You can buy The Rechargeable One direct from Ann Summers for the amazing price of £65.00 or use the code below to receive 15% discount!

Offer: 15% off £30 spend on Sex Toys
Start date: 22nd April 2013
End Date: 28th April 2013

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Ann Summers Pleasure Emporium

If you're struggling to find the right toy for you or your partner, then look no further than Ann Summers Pleasure Emporium which is being highly publicised this week as it's National Pleasure Week.

Ann Summers believe that there's a toy out there for everyone, the problem is, finding the right one. That's where the Pleasure Emporium comes in. You can find everything you need and it's all in one place with several options available to help steer you in the right direction.
Whether you're feeling flush and looking for your next designer toy, or looking for a novelty gift for someone, the Emporium has it all.
The options are endless ....you can search toys for women, toys for men, designer toys, couples toys, clit pleasers, fully insertable toys ...the list goes on! There certainly is something for everyone and each product has a full in depth description as well as clear pictures so you'll know exactly what to expect!

This is a fantastic event aimed at helping you achieve maximum pleasure from your purchase .....take full advantage while you can!! What's more, you could be saving a whopping 15% off all sex toys when spending over £30!!

Valid between 23rd April till 28th April, simply enter code: PLEASURE at the checkout to receive your discount.

Love Bites - The Gloves with a Bite

A few weeks back, I was asked by the lovely Ms Serene if i'd like to receive a pair of her new gloves, 'Love Bites' for review. Of course, I said YES!!

My gloves arrived in a discreet brown envelope which, once opened, contained a clear plastic bag which had a large hand-written label stuck on the front.

Once inside the plastic wrapper, this is what you get ....
click to enlarge

These gloves are made from Chenille and are 100% vegan, washable and reusable.

On the surface these gloves look like any other, however upon closer inspection, it's clear to see the tiny little pins poking through as you look at the inner palm and fingers.
spiked palm & fingers
spikes on fingers (click to enlarge)

The pins are pushed through from the inside and glued/stitched into place...
Pins shown from inside the glove

I personally think that something else is needed here, especially since you can feel all the bumps whilst wearing them and they don't seem to be very secure to me. An inner glove or some material to cover all this would have been a much better option and would have looked a lot less 'homemade' too.

I tried these on myself but found them to be of no use at all due to their size ....I have long, thin fingers and skinny wrists so the gloves just hung on them ....
too large for small hands

These gloves are intended for sensual play but for delicate skin like mine, it didn't take long before I was covered in painful tiny scratches and pin pricks! I'm all for feeling a bit of 'bite' but these were a little too much for me. The pins seemed to scratch rather than titilate and I found it more uncomfortable than anything else. My partner wasn't too happy about wearing these as he thought they seemed a bit girlie ....he had no choice though for testing purposes and they were a much better fit for his manly hands.
I've no doubt that some of you who partake in more extreme BDSM may find them ideal, however they really aren't for me.
I was slightly disappointed in the quality too, especially for the price of $22 which I believe is around £14 UK money.

Still unsure? Check out Serenes' YouTube video ...

If you're interested in trying these for yourself, click here

I always try to be honest in everything I review which means saying when I don't like something, as well as when I do. I hope you'll appreciate that all reviews are based upon my own opinion, which isn't necessarily the same as yours!!

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The Pearl Necklace by Geraldine O'Hara

I received this book as a review copy in return for an honest review.

When Sasha Hillary responds to an online newspaper article regarding slimming pills, she has no idea just how much her life is about to change. Sasha is soon thrust into the spotlight as The Pink Pill Diet Woman, and struggles to deal with all the media attention ......a far cry from her previous employment as a wedding planner!
Many women dream of living the Glamour Girl lifestyle but for Sasha, the constant messing of hair, make-up, clothes etc ready for TV/radio interviews leaves her feeling less and less like her old self. The fantasies in her head are her only escape from realism and thoughts of her hunky bodyguard are often at the forefront of her mind.
Can Sasha make those fantasies a reality??

The Pearl Necklace is a great little read and it didn't take me long to reach the end .....I couldn't put it down! It's very tongue-in-cheek which I really loved, and has a good mix of humor and sex with a great little story line. Written in the first person, this story is not only well written, but is also very believable! I had to stifle a few giggles here and there and couldn't help but let out the odd gasp.
I'd definitely recommend this book to anyone who's looking for something a bit sexy but with added humor.

The Pearl Necklace by Geraldine O'Hara is available to buy from....
Amazon.co.uk for £0.77
Amazon.com for $1.17

An absolute bargain so go get yours now!!

Monday, 8 April 2013

A Clockwork Butterfly by Tabitha Rayne

After i'd reviewed Mia's Books, Tabitha Rayne very kindly sent me a copy of her novel A Clockwork Butterfly. I'm so grateful that she did, thankyou Tabitha :)

With mankind virtually extinct due to a deadly toxin, those who remain are kept under lock and key in manors, where their precious seed is collected daily.
All young women born into this strange world, are watched from birth to see if they have what it takes to help reproduce more males into the population. Lena seems to stand out from the crowd, and although naive and innocent, they see great prospect in her.
Mae is one of the first girls Lena meets, she introduces herself to Lena in the most unexpected way and wastes no time in showing her the ropes (so to speak). Before long, they become alot more than just friends. It's during her time spent with Mae, that it's discovered that Lena carries a rare pheromone which they believe could reignite human fertility. Once it's confirmed, no time at all is wasted in pairing her with the 'perfect match'.

Angelo, whom Lena is assigned to, is just as innocent as her and he soon reveals that she is his first collector which means that he's never been in contact with a woman before ....nor her a man!

Before long, the inevitable happens and they fall in love which is strictly forbidden in this world. Once their love is discovered, Lena is carted off elsewhere for punishment and Angelo is assigned a new collector ....Mae.

Can Angelo and Mae hatch a plan to find his one true love, or is she gone forever?

A Clockwork Butterfly is so beautifully written that I became totally engrossed in reading and lost all contact with the outside world. The sensuality and intimacy of the sex scenes is extremely well written and have great depth. Admittedly I did suffer slight dampness on more than one occasion ......boy they're hot!! Every emotion felt by the characters, is shared by the reader and I found myself shouting at the book quite often, pleading for them to listen to me. I didn't see many of the twists and turns coming so there were a few surprises along the way which just added to the excitement. Every sexual taste is catered for here with a good mix of f/f, m/f, m/f/f, f/f/f and BDSM.
The ending was a bit of a cliffhanger which left me wanting, no, needing, to know what happened next! I hope to see a prequel to this!
If you're looking for an erotic read that you can immerse yourself in and be totally hooked, then this is it. Fantastic!!

A Clockwork Butterfly is available to buy from
Amazon.co.uk for £3.66 (inc vat) - ebook version
                            £8.06 - paperback version
Amazon.com for $5.53 (inc vat) - ebook version
                         $13.00 - paperback version

Temporary Insanity by Victoria Blisse

I received this book as a review copy in retun for an honest review.

Caroline's job in a mundane office isn't exactly the exciting life she has in mind, however a chance encounter in the photocopying room could be about to change all that!
Never before had she seen two men embrace each other so passionately that she struggled to keep her eyes off them. Before she knew it, she'd been spotted and was given a proposition that could make her very rich indeed ....whilst enjoying some extremely hot sex along the way! The bet was set and the stakes were high. Does Caroline have what it takes to see it through to the end?
You'll have to read it to find out!!

Once I picked this book up to read, I simply couldn't put it down. It's straight in there no messing, with plenty of steaming hot sex and a great storyline that keeps you hooked from beginning to end. It's the first book i've read containing gay sex scenes and Victoria manages to write in such a way that despite it being hard, raw sex, there's still a sensuality there which I loved. I let out a couple giggles whilst reading this, as well as a few gasps and, dare I say, even the odd 'mmmm' lol

Overall I would highly recommend Temporary Insanity for a quick read that's sure to satisfy.

You can buy Temporary Insanity for your Kindle from
Amazon.co.uk for £2.27 (inc vat)
Amazon.com for $3.45 (inc vat)
Total-E-Bound for £2.49

Check out Victoria's blog too, it's sure to keep you entertained for a good while ;)