Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Wonderbra's Ultimate Plunge Style Challenge

How does a dream shopping experience with non other than Lydia Bright, well known fashionista and owner of the fabulous vintage clothes store Bella Sorella sound?

Wonderbra have launched a new campaign for the Ultimate Plunge Bra and want YOU to be part of it. Check out this video of Lydia Bright taking the ultimate plunge.

As part of their 'Ultimate Plunge Style Challenge', Wonderbra are giving you and a friend the opportunity to have the night of your life with their amazing new competition!!

Prize includes:

  • Private car from London to Essex
  • Shopping experience with Lydia Bright at Bella Sorella in Essex
  • Choose your ultimate plunge look from Bella Sorella, which you both get to keep
  • Private car back to the hotel in London
  • Bottle of champagne in room on arrival
  • A complete hair and make-up makeover by stylists
  • Return executive transfers from the hotel to the club
  • Paparazzi to make you feel like stars on arrival at the club
  • VIP entrance at the club
  • A VIP table for the entire evening
  • A bottle of vodka and mixer to get the party started
  • Overnight stay in a luxurious 4* hotel in Central London
  • Breakfast
  • Free Ultimate Plunge bra per person to keep
Entry couldn't be easier, just head on over to the Wonderbra UK Facebook page and click to enter....feel free to share this competition with your friends too, after all, if they win, you may just be their lucky friend!!
Competition runs till the 30th December 2011 and is open to anyone in the UK who is over the age of 18. One winner, and a friend, will be drawn each week.

It only takes a few seconds to enter but the memory, if you win will last a lifetime! 
Good Luck!! 

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

7 Function Classic Chic - Mini G Vibes by California Exotic Novelties

I was recently sent this to review for As you can see it's the 7 Function Classic Chic - Mini G Vibes by California Exotic Novelties and costs £19.95 on the website.

When taken out of the packaging, your left with this gorgeous pink velvety smooth vibe. The head is expertly shaped to give the ultimate G-spot pleasure and as the name suggests, there are an amazing 7 different functions. You can take your pick from vibration, pulsation or escalation...or for even more fun, switch between them whilst using!!

The base simply twists open to insert the batteries, just make sure you twist it back on really tight or the vibe won't work! I had a few problems with this and thought it was broken but it turned out that I hadn't fastned the end back on tight enough...there's a small rubber seal and you have to make sure that this isn't visible!

As far as vibes go, this is one of my faves so far...mainly due to the feel of it. The smoothness as it glides in is a turn on in itself and the strength of the vibration was spot on for me. It's quite slender so no discomfort and very little lube, if any, is needed. When it came to seeking out my g-spot (which other vibes often don't manage), this was absolutely fantastic! Within around 10 minutes it had me screaming in ecstasy...and that was without any extra clit stimulation!

When in use, the vibe is comfortable to hold and it's really easy to alter between functions by simply pressing the jelly-like base. I can't say I had a favourite function, as I preferred to switch between them....and each one was just as exciting as the last.

So, it feels sexy, looks inviting, is waterproof, has good, strong vibrations ready and waiting to probe your intimate parts and is great fun too...what more could you ask for in a vibe?
Ideal whether your inexperienced with sex toys or other words, perfect!

This review is based upon my own opinion and may differ from your own.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Givelube Lubetube Premium Aqua Gel Mini 30ml

I was recently sent some Givelube Lubetube Premium Aqua Gel Mini to review for Naughty Nights UK ...much to my pleasure.

The tube arrived safe and sound in a padded envelope and unlike many other lubes, this one had a sealed, clear wrapper around it which helped prevent any unwanted spillages during transportation...a definate bonus!!
The wrapper itself was very easily removed as there is a perforrated strip down the side so you simply grab and pull - et voila!

The lubetube I received was 30ml and costs £3.95 from Naughty Nights UK and as you can see, it comes with a flip lid so it's alot less messy than conventional tubes.

I did a little reading up about this lube before trying it and i'm happy to report that it is both Paraben and Glycerin Free so won't cause any unwanted irritations to your nether regions. It is safe to use with both condoms and latex, and best of all it's non staining, colourless, odourless AND contains Aloe Vera and Panthenol, both of which are known for their skin softening properties.

Once opened, I squeezed a bit onto my Mini Rabbit (my toy of choice at the time), and began to work it around my clit. The rabbit seemed to glide into my vagina with ease and although the lube seemed to dry naturally, by adding a little water/saliva, it was possible to 'reactivate' it....this means that you can use it very sparingly as a little goes an awful long way!

All in all, i'd say this is an ideal lube for those who are prone to skin irritation and the handy sized bottle means it will easily hide in your handbag and you can feel safe in the knowledge that it won't leak!
You certainly can't go wrong for the price either and a small tube should certainly last a while.

Givelube Lubetube Premium Aqua Gel is available from Naughty Nights UK in the following sizes:
250ml - £12.95
100ml - £8.95
30ml - £3.95
(Prices correct at time of post)

Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Got nothing to do this Friday night??

Then class this as your official #NNUK party invite!!

On Friday 25th November from 5pm (GMT), it's PARTY TIME with Naughty Nights UK!

NNUK Facebook Page
NNUK Twitter
NNUK Forums
NNUK Blog .....take your pick or join in with the fun everywhere!

The night will include Competitions, Giveaways, Freebies, Exclusive Discounts and more...

Come along and join in the never know, it could just be your lucky night!
Pssst, don't forget to tell all your friends too!!

Monday, 21 November 2011

Toy Joy Funky Massager

I was recently sent the Toy Joy Funky Massager in pink for review from Naughty Nights UK.

It comes in a small, see through box (as shown in pic above) and I have to say, it looks rather pretty.

The Massager itself is around 4inches in length from tip to base and isn't too heavy to hold. You also receive in the box 4 interchangeable heads so there's something to suit everyone. It requires 1AA battery (not included) and you simply twist the base to 'open', then the bottom will pop off, insert the battery and twist the base back to 'off' to lock into position.
It has a soft, velvety coating which feels very nice indeed when in contact with the skin, and is available in either pink or blue...both of which look fab! It is a little louder than I expected, considering it claims to be 'silent'! Be careful, you might just be heard!

As you can see from my pic (click to enlarge), the interchangeable tips range from a smooth rounded one to stippled ones. I was slightly uncertain about the 2 tips with small stipples as they felt a little prickly when I ran my fingers over need to have worried though as you barely notice when they are busy massaging your clit!

Despite there being no variable speed, this has quite a strong vibration...perfect if you need plenty clit stimulation, and you can direct it pretty much anywhere you want with satisfaction guaranteed!

The smooth rounded head was my personal favourite as I found it quite sensual, particularly with it's velvety feel and especially when my man took over!

All in all, I found this comfortable to hold, not too heavy and theres no fear of accidently turning off when in mid flow as is the case with some other massagers/vibrators.
Perfect for stimulating the clitoris, anus etc and it's pretty darn nice rolled over the nipples too! It's also easy to clean (just make sure you get between the stipples on the tips) and extremely easy to operate. For a little extra 'fun on the go' jsut pop it in your will ever know! lmao

The only downside of the Massager is the changing of the tips! I (stupidly) decided to change the tip whilst 'amusing' myself and by the time I managed to get the first tip off, I was pretty much back to square one! It's great to know that the tips aren't just gonna 'pop off' whilst you're busying away, but i'd have preferred slightly less effort. I eventually had to ask my man to remove it for me, as even with all the strength I could muster, I couldn't get it off!. On the plus side, we both ended up in fits of giggles....mine being brought on by sheer frustration and my mans' because he found it hilarious that I was getting in such a flap.

The Toy Joy Funky Massager is available in either pink or blue and costs only £9.95 from Naughty Nights UK.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Just wanted to make you aware of all the latest offers available from Naughty Nights UK. As some of you may already know, I am a Moderator on the #NNUK Forums and we are always looking for new people to come and join in the fun and sexy chat. 
Apart from being a friendly, fun environment, #NNUK also have some fantastic competitions running right now so it's definately the right time to be registering for an account if you haven't already!

If you're interested in writing Erotic Literature, then #NNUK have just the comp for you. Simply submit your erotic story by starting a 'New Topic' here but make sure you follow the enrty rules (found here)!
Prizes on offer are: 
1st Prize is £250 Gift Vouchers to be spent in the NNUK Store and your story published in hardback
2nd Prize is £100 Gift Vouchers to be spent in the NNUK Store and your story publised in softback
3rd Prize is £25 /gift Vouchers to be spent in the NNUK Store and your story published on the forums
I'm sure you'll agree that these are fantastic prizes, so pop along to the forums and get your entry in before the end date which is midnight on the 1st January 2012.

If you're not into erotic writing, then maybe testing and reviewing sex toys is more your thing! #NNUK are currently on the lookout for people to do just that! Simply follow the steps 'How to be a Sex Toy Tester' found here and you could be lucky enough to receive a toy which you get to keep in return for a good, honest review....sounds good doesn't it!!  

If you are interested in participating with either of the above, simply register on the NNUK only takes a minute, then submit your entry in the relevant post. Please also pop over to our 'New Members Area' and tell us a bit about yourself...that way we can all say 'hello' and you're guaranteed to receive a warm welcome!
So what you waiting for, get on over there, we don't bite....unless you ask us to of course! ;) xx

Saturday, 12 November 2011

The One-Touch Quiet Mini Bullet Vibrator

The next product for review as part of the Extreme Super Sex Delight pack from Naughty Nights UK is the One-Touch Mini Bullet Vibrator. This was listed on my invoice as a Fleshlight Bullet Upgrade, however the Mini Bullet was the closest I could find on site. 

The bullet is made from a silver brushed metal and is just over 2 inches in length with 1 1/2 inches insertable. As the name suggests, there is one push button on the base which simply presses on and off. It requires 3 LR44 cell batteries which are included.

First impressions of this were slight scepticism (how the hell could something so small manage to satisfy?) and curiosity (would I be needing another vibe on standby to finish the job?).

I lay back, opened my legs and began to explore. WOW!! The vibration through the tip of this mini vibe was alot stronger than I had first anticipated and the coldness of the metal only added to the excitement. Although not quite big enough in girth to give much pleasure when inserted, (it's only just over 2 inches in circumference), this certainly managed to help me reach orgasm in a very short space of time...the sensation when used around the clitoral hood was really quite amazing.
I found the tip to be the strongest part, as with most of my vibes, although there are still a pretty strong vibrations running through the whole vibe, so rubbing it over your clit and labia will also guarantee tingles.

My verdict..
It's small enough to fit in your purse, never mind handbag, it has a nice smooth finish and a strong enough vibration to bring you to climax in next to no time! Aside from that, it's totally waterproof so double the fun at bathtime!! I have to add that this is one of the more quiet vibes i've tried so it's not only discreet in size, but also in noise.
Naughty Nights UK currently have this on offer for a fantastic price of £ you certainly can't go wrong for that price!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Mini Rabbit Vibrator

My next item for review from the Extreme Super Sex Delight Pack is the Mini rabbit Vibrator in Blue.

It's around 5 inches in length (5 and a half if you include the base) but only around 3 inches available for insertion before you hit the infamous rabbit. It has a girth of around 4 inches at its fattest. The batteries (2 AA not included) are inserted into the base which operates with a simple twist action. It has a slidey switch on the bottom with 'on' and 'off' so there are no variable speeds.

The first thing I noticed about this was the wonderful raised flower patterns...they make it look so pretty. Time has even been taken to provide a small face on the head of the vibe (see pic below).

I absolutely loved this 'extra' touch (click on the pic to enlarge) and although you can feel the slight difference in texture when using, I found it to be quite pleasant and not uncomfortable at all.

Unlike larger Rabbits, there is only one nodule and this is situated in the general body of the vibrator. Due to this, I found that it didn't quite give me the clit stimulation I required to reach orgasm which was slightly disappointing.
The other problem I found was the smell of the vibe, it really is quite overpowering and not at all's like a strong rubbery, plasticy (not sure if theres such a word but hey ho!) smell which lingers on your hands too. Even after cleaning and with a bit more use, the smell didn't weaken.

Cleaning was relatively easy, although you do have to make sure you get between the flower patterns which can be a bit fiddly and time consuming.

All in all, this was great for some light relief but it definately didn't give me the orgasmic experience I enjoy with my full size Rabbit.

The Mini Rabbit Vibrator can be purchased from Naughty Nights UK at a price of £8.50 (currently on offer at time of post) and is available in Pink.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Egg Vibrator

This is just one of the items received in my Extreme Super Sex Delight Pack from Naughty Nights UK. It's described on my invoice as "Egg Vibrator" however the only one I can find on site is the Multispeed Bullet Vibrator...and they look the same although the packaging's slightly different!

The control has a compartment on the back which opens allowing the 2AA batteries to be inserted. All are made form a smooth, light plastic.

The egg design makes for really easy insertion and once in, I had no trouble getting it to stay there. It's the first time i'd ever used an 'egg' and I have to say, it manages to hit the G-spot perfectly. The control has a button on the side which you can twist to alter the strength of the ranges from a light tickle to a more intense vibration.
I was feeling kind when I tried this, so passed the control to my man....fortunately he wasn't sitting too far away as the connecting wire isn't very long!
I'd find myself becoming engrossed in the tv until BAM, my man would twist the button and send a pulsing vibration straight to my G-spot. He'd leave it there for a couple of minutes, then nothing....sod! This all heightened the overall pleasure though, so no complaints.
Due to me needing alot of clit stimulation to achieve orgasm, I didn't find that the egg itself was quite enough, so used my mini vibe to give me the extra boost I craved.

All that said, I will certainly be looking to purchase another of these, maybe a slightly upgraded model or a wireless one (they look fab)!

Great design, good vibration, easy clean, light and easy to use but could certainly do with a longer wire if to be used with your partner.
Great value too....offer price on Naughty Nights UK at the moment is only £7.95! ;)

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

HOORAY I'm Certified....

I have now been certified as a Real Sex Toy Reviewer which basically means that yes, i'm real and so are my reviews!!

Due to this, I have now been able to add this lovely fancy new logo to my blog.....check it out on the top left of my page. Looks good eh! ;)

Everywhere you find this same logo, you can guarantee that all reviews are honest and above all, real! Check out the Real Sex Toy Reviews site for a full list of current members and blogs.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Extreme Super Sex Delight Pack

I recently lost my 'internet shopping' virginity and decided to buy the Extreme Super Sex Delight Pack which i'd been eyeing up on Naughty Nights UK. The thing that really caught my eye was the unbelievable reduction in price! The pack usually costs £60 but they have an offer running at the minute where you still get the same great value toys, but all for a very attractive £20....that's a whopping saving of £40!!

When purchasing your pack, you can choose between Anal, Couples, Female, Fetish, Gay, Male or Mixture packs so there's definately something in the mix for everyone no matter what your sexual preferences. I personally opted for the Female pack....selfish I know but my man enjoys watching me enjoy myself so it would still be pleasurable for us both.

In little over a week, my parcel arrived. As promised, it came in discreet packaging with no mention of the company name anywhere....but I knew what it was! It was like christmas come early when I opened it, heres what I got....
From Left: Crystal Clear Lavender Ladyfinger, Duoballs Soft, Fleshlight Bullet Upgrade, Egg Vibrator, 3AA batteries and 2AAA batteries, Super Silk Lube, ClitoFing and a Mini Rabbit Vibe.  I certainly feel that I 'got my money's worth' with this one!

I will be reviewing each of the products I received very soon....I started 'investigating' as soon as they arrived and already have my faves, but more about that later lol

As you can see, there is a varying selection of toys and I love the fact that lube and the correct amount of batteries needed are also sent....means you can have fun immediately!! Well done Naughty Nights UK.

Please bear in mind that the products received will vary from pack to are not guaranteed to receive the same as the pack shown here!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Penthouse Mode Triple Bliss II Multi Tip Massager


I recently received this for review from Naughty Nights UK. As you can see, it's the Penthouse Mode Triple Base II Multi Tip Massager which is available for a fantastic £9.95 (price correct at time of publish) and is currently on special offer with a saving of £8.00, so I suggest you get one while they're cheap!!
The Triple Bliss II, as the name suggests, comes with 3 interchangeable heads which screw on with ease. From left to right we have the G Tip, the Finger Fickle Tip and the Passion Pawn Tip all of which are designed to give pleasure exactly where you want it.
The massager requires 2AA batteries (not supplied) which are simply inserted into the screw cap base. To operate, you just twist the end of the base...the further you twist, the stronger the vibration.

G Tip - The unique design of the head is perfect for hitting the G-Spot. The gentle curve allows easy access helping bring you to climax with ease.
Fickle Finger Tip - I found that the vibration of this tip is slightly stronger than that of the G Tip and the fat to thin design makes it an absloute pleasure to use. Perfect for some extra clit stimulation and it manages to hit all the areas you may normally neglect!
Pleasure Pawn Tip -This one really was the icing on the cake and i'm so glad I saved it till last! The thin tapered tip makes it extremely precise and you can concentrate on specific areas without any problems. The vibration is much stronger than with the other tips, maybe due to the thin design. It hits the spot extremely well and when it does, your orgasm is guaranteed. I also found it quite pleasurable to use around the anus for extra stimulation and it's not at all intimidating.

Overall I would certainly recommend the Penthouse Mode Triple Bliss II Multi Tip Massager. Whether you're a sex toy fanatic or a first time user, this is ideal! It's sleek, compact and extremely lightweight and as if that wasn't enough, it's also waterproof!!

All opinions here are my own and may differ from your opinions. Please bear this in mind!

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Naughty Nights UK - The Place to be!

If you haven't already checked out Naughty Nights UK, then why on earth not??? Whether you're looking for sexy underwear or the latest sex toys, they have it all!! Take a look around the site, it's so easy to find exactly what you're looking for and the ordering process is a doddle! You can even create your very own never know, make sure your partner spots it and hey, they'll know exactly what to buy you so everybody wins!!

Apart from having a fantastic range of sex toys etc, Naughty Nights UK also have a whole lot more on offer! Check out the #NNUK forums where members come together to discuss anything sexual or non sexual. You need advice, just head on over there and somebody's bound to have the answer! You can even visit the #NNUKBAR - the only bar I know that's open 24/7! It's a great place to catch up with other members and generally have a good laugh. Don't worry if you're a little shy at first, we'll soon bring you out of your shell!! If you're a lover of blogs, then check out the very new NNUK Blog. Here you can find news on the latest sex toys as well as gain access to exclusive discount what could be better than that?

There's loads of new features currently being rolled out across the forums, so if you haven't signed up yet....get yourself over there, there's plenty fun to be had! ;)

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Loving Joy Bathtime Buddies Octopussy

Loving Joy Bathtime Buddies have a wide range of toys ideal for use in the bath or shower. This one is Octopussy and costs around £19.95 when bought from As you can see, the packaging has been kept simple but it's clear enough to see exactly what you're getting.

When I first took this out of the packaging (which wasn't too hard to do), I couldn't help but smile when I noticed its little eyes.....I hoped we were going to become very good friends lol
To touch, it feels very 'jelly' like and is quite bendy, although the tentacles are a little sturdier. I was a little surprised at how bulbous the head was but certainly game to give it a go!!

Octopussy requires 2 AA batteries (not supplied) and they're easily inserted into the base. The pic above shows the base, the inner of which presses in to turn on and it boasts 5 functions, including a 'pulse' vibration.....just keep clicking until you find the one you want!
I promptly lubed up and off I went.
I didn't find this too hard to insert, although it did feel a little uncomfortable at first. Personally, I like alot of clit stimulation and these tentacles just didn't quite have enough punch. I decided to remove it and I have to say, this action didn't feel pleasant at all as I could feel the bulbous head coming out.
Although I found inserting it not quite for me, the vibration as I stroked and rubbed my clit with it had me reaching the point of orgasm in no time at all.....making a pleasurable experience for both myself and my man.

Overall, this wasn't really for me however, I will definately be trying out some of the other Bathtime Buddies range.

Please note that this review is based upon my own opinion, which may well differ from your own!!

Hurry Free Delivery from Ann Summers...

Whether you're looking for some new sexy underwear or just want to find yourself a nice toy to keep you occupied, head on over to Ann Summers where you can get free delivery on all purchases until midnight 29th August 2011!! 
There are some gorgeous new lines been added to the lingerie section with a full range of sizes, styles, colours and prices. So whether you're wanting to treat your loved one this bank holiday weekend or maybe just looking to treat yourself, then take a visit to Ann Summers online to take advantage of this unbeatable offer!!
Don't forget, theres so much more than just lingerie and sex toys to be found, they sell a full range of lubes, dvd's, magazines and all you'll need for a great stag or hen do to name but a few. 
So get yourself over there and have fun :)

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

I Rub My Duckie Paris

The 'I Rub My Duckie' range is growing rapidly and as well as Duckie, it now boasts Fishie, Wormie and Penguin all made by Big Teaze Toys to add a bit of novelty fun to your pleasure.
The one in the pic is Paris and I received it as a competition prize from
It arrived in discreet packaging (as always) so as not to 'arouse' the neighbours lol and once inside, I immediately fell in love with this charming Duckie.

The Duckie requires 2 AA batteries (which aren't supplied) and they are inserted into the bottom of the'll need a screwdriver to get in as it's been made watertight for bathtime fun! To operate, there is a 'soft spot' on her back which presses once for on and again for simple and no fumbling looking for turn off switches.
With her big doey eyes and that genuine swarovski crystal on her beak, I couldn't wait to see what pleasure she would give.
The feather boa is attached by a small piece of velcro so is very easily removed. I found that the tail seemed to provide the strongest vibration so this is what I focused on more. The beak does vibrate, but it's quite mild and not enough to get my juices flowing. It is however not one of the quietest toys i've ever used so be prepared for questions if you take your bathtime buddy for a swim when theres anyone have been warned!! I also found that it was quite weighty, so needless to say, she didn't float gracefully like i'd expected!
All in all, a discreet, quirky fun toy which isn't what i'd class as 'orgasmic', but great for a bit of light relief.

Do let me know if you've tried this yourself, or any of the other 'I Rub My....' range as i'd love to know your thoughts too :)

All opinions are based upon my own experience. It doesn't necessarily mean that because I like/dislike a product, that you will too! Please bare this in mind.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Tantus Silk Medium Silicone Dildo

The Tantus Silk Medium Silicone Dildo was one of the first that I actually bought as I thought it would be good to introduce me to the wonderful world of sex toys.....and I wasn't disappointed!

This one was bought from and cost £28.95....slightly pricey you may think, but considering that it's made from ultra premium silicone, is hypoallergenic, phthalate free and best of all odourless, I think it's well worth it. It's available in either black or purple haze, which I think is rather pretty so that's what I opted for.

As indicated by the name, it has a lovely, sensual silky texture making it very pleasant against the skin. It's not too big either so no need to feel intimidated. A bit of lube (or oral if your using with your partner) and you're away!! I found this perfect to use when I was a sex toy virgin and still get pleasure from it today. Although it isn't a vibrator, the base of the dildo feels quite nice against my clit...especially if it's a little cold!

Easy to use, easy to clean and being a dildo, silent! Ideal for a little 'me' time or if you want to share the fun, let your partner use it on you. :)

Mantric Dinky Pink

As you can see, the Dinky Pink is a very fitting name for this little baby....and it's one of my favourite mini vibrators! It's also splash proof and skin friendly so suitable for everyone. The material has a slightly velvety feel which makes it very welcoming indeed and it's nicely rounded too for easy insertion. As you can see from the pic, it also has a  wrist strap....just in case you worry about it getting lost up there lol

The one above I received from Sex Toys Eden. I've just looked on site and these are currently out of stock (probably due to the sheer popularity of them), but normally retail for £7.50...which isn't half bad considering the hours of pleasure you can have! Best of all, it only requires 1AA battery which is included, no hanging around then, you can have fun from the minute you open it!!

Don't be put off by the fact that it's so small.....this thing really packs some punch and is guaranteed to have you squealing with delight in no time. It has one continuous speed which has just the right amount of vibration (for me at least) to help reach orgasm.

The Dinky Pink will fit perfectly into any small handbag and is quiet and discreet enough for you to have fun wherever you are. It's also waterproof so you could even take your new toy in the bath with you...or swimming if you dare! ;)

I'd highly recommend this and have had many hours of pleasure from mine, hope you do to if you decide to buy one. Feel free to post any comments below this post, i'm intersted in what you think too!

This reveiw is based upon my own opinions, however your own may differ. Please bare this in mind!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

A Taste of What's to Come....

I've been toying (pardon the pun) with the idea of reviewing sex toys for a while now and since my collection is slowly growing, I thought that now would be as good a time as any to get it up and running.
I've noticed a few blogs on here dedicated to reviewing sex toys, but not nearly as many as there ought to be which I found a little sad! All too often when I see reviews, they are usually from the company and I want to see real reviews from real people...another reason I decided to start my own!!

So, I guess you're wondering what qualifies me to do these reviews, and the answer is simply nothing, except my absolute love of sex and toys...which I personally think is reason enough.
I've been with my man for 18 years now and we have explored most aspects of our sex life, including the introduction of toys and i'd like to share with you, through this blog, what I love and what I loathe.

Exciting times ahead and i'm really looking forward to sharing my opinions with you, hopefully answering any questions you may have or even giving advice if you need it.
Feel free to ask me anything and I promise to answer as honestly as I can.

Look out for my first review coming soon :)