Friday, 27 July 2012

Madame Orgasm Cream from Magic Moments

Now for my second review from Magic Moments ...the Madame Orgasm Cream!

18ml tube of Madame Orgasm Cream
As you can see, this tube comes boxed and I rather liked the feminine design of it ...espeically the pretty pink on the inside ...
Pretty Pink inside the box
Brief description on box (click to enlarge)

When you remove the cap from the tube, you'll see that it has a covering which you need to pop before using (not sure my descriptions too good here). To do this, simply turn the cap upside down (there's a raised point inside the cap). and pierce the top of the tube with it ...perfect and mess free!
Pierce top with raised point in lid
The consistency is similar, in my opinion, to Vaseline and it's slightly milky in colour...
Around 1cm of Madame Orgasm Cream
It is advised that you apply 1cm of Madam Orgasm Cream to your fingertip then begin to massage the clitoris by 'caressing and stroking' to impart a 'delightful erotic sensation'.

I followed these instructions and let myself go. Due to the consistency of the cream, it took a while to spread it round but once it warmed to my body temperature, it was fine. It did have a nice, gentle smell which was quite inviting.
Maybe my expectations were a little high of this product but for me, there wasn't any real noticable difference compared to when I masturbate generally. It did feel quite erotic rubbing this on and when using circular motions it slightly heightened my arousal, but not as much as i'd hoped.

I rarely have problems reaching climax, either through play or full sex so maybe this would be more suited to someone who struggles and needs that extra little something to help tip them over the edge.

Overall I was slightly disappointed with this, especially as it costs £15.50 for an 18ml tube which is a little pricey for me.

If you fancy giving Madame Orgasm Cream a go, then pop over to Magic Moments and spoil yourself ...there's loads of other tempting things on site too!
If you've tried this before, i'd be curious to see what you thought of it so feel free to leave any comments below.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Vagina Rub Vibe from Magic Moments

I was thrilled to be approached by @Sex_Toys_Fleur on twitter and asked if i'd like to review a couple of products from Magic Moments. Within a few days of emailing my choices, I received 2 products for reveiw.
Secure packaging
I was very impressed by how securely packaged these products were. Both were generously wrapped in bubble wrap which was held in place by 'Hygiene' tape chance of them being tampered with before I got my hands on them! Now to see what I got...
Vagina Rub Vibe & Madame Orgasm Cream
Regular readers of my blog will know that i'm a huge fan of clit stimulation and generally require quite a bit to reach orgasm. I opted for the Vagina Rub Vibe as i've never tried a product designed soley for clit stimulation and the style of this one really appealed. The Madam Orgasm Cream, again is something i've never tried before. I use lubricants regularly but this will be my first use of a cream designed to give an 'erotic sensation'.
I've decided to write seperate reviews for each product, my first being the Vagina Rub Vibe.

When I first removed this from the packaging, it reminded me a little of an iron ...although much smaller!
Small, discreet & iron-shaped
The vibe is only around 4" in length from tip to base, and 2.5" in width at its fattest. For me, the size is perfect.
Battery compartment (2xAAA)
Battery insertion is really easy, simply slide open the back and insert 2 AAA batteries (not included) then make sure it's put back in place securely. There is a simple on/off button on the side of the handle which also provides 3 different vibration strengths.
When you turn the vibe on, it's automatically on it's lowest setting. Push again for the next setting and again for the final one more push and you've turned it off again.
All of these actions are very easy to do even when the vibe is in use (except changing the batteries of course!!), which means you don't get frustrated whilst trying to alter the vibrations.
Raised nodules for clit stimulation
The Vagina Rub Vibe has small nodules covering the whole of the base so it's guaranteed to hit the spot.
Slightly raised bump at the tip
There is a slightly raised area at the tip of the vibe which nestles nicely giving added pleasure to the clitoris and the curved shape fits perfectly with your bodies contours.

As with all toys, it's important to clean before the first use and this recommends washing in warm, soapy water. I also like to use an anti-bacterial spray for added cleanliness. After it's first use, it was a little more difficult to clean as the lube (water-soluble lubes only with this) gathered between the nodules. I found that a babys first toothbrush was perfect for getting between all the bumps and it was gentle enough not to scratch/damage the vibe in any way.

After holding this in my hand and feeling the vibrations, I wasn't sure they'd be strong enough to help me reach orgasm ...I was wrong! Fully lubed and with the vibe sitting snugly in place, I began on the lowest setting. I was amazed at just how strong they felt against my clit and knew it wouldn't be long before I could take no more ....however I continued and braved the next level. WOW, for being such a small, innocent looking product, this really packed some punch and within a few minutes of it being on the highest setting, I achieved orgasm. It didn't matter whether I held the vibe gently against myself or pushed a little more firmly, the sensations were amazing. You can feel each nodule working its magic and able to give continuous stimulation for as long as you can handle.

The manufacturers of this product recommend not to leave in direct sunlight, only use water-soluble lubes and keep seperate from toys made using other materials to avoid chemical reactions.

Overall I really loved this as it's small, discreet and innocent looking yet delivers the utmost pleasure.

The Vagina Rub Vibe is available from Magic Moments at a cost of £16.50 - a pretty small price to pay for the fun you could have!