Saturday, 25 May 2013

Janine the Anthro-Dragoness by Bad Dragon

I have to say that i've never been so excited waiting for a review toy to arrive as I was waiting for Janine The Anthro-Dragoness  from Bad Dragon. Despite the fact that this is a male penetrable toy, i'd heard and read so much about the Bad Dragon range that my anticipation was reaching boiling point.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the Bad Dragon brand, they were founded in June 2008 and have gone from strength to strength as one of (if not the only) company to offer all things 'fantasy'. Not only is there an extensive range of Dragon themed toys, but each one is custom made to your own personal specifications. There's a huge selection of colours available for each dildo and you even get to choose the firmness too so there's certainly something to suit every taste! There are even some models which come complete with the ability to shoot Cumlube (Bad Dragons own personal lube) amazing's that??

Janine The Anthro-Dragoness  has currently been undergoing a makeover and I have been lucky enough to receive her for review ...yay!

My package arrived safe and sound in a plain brown cardboard box ...phew, no strange looks from the postie! Here's what I received ....

In the pic are Janine The Anthro-Dragoness , a Bad Dragon badge, a Bad Dragon pen, a silcone sample disc so you can see what firmness is best for you (this is a 5 which is Normal firmness, they also do 3 which is soft & 8 which is hard) and a very cute mini Vergil the Drippy Dragon which I absolutely adore! The extra little gifts really made me smile and added that something special to my delivery ....thank you Bad Dragon.
Here's a closer look at my mini Vergil ....

Isn't he adorable? He's only around 2 inches high and cute as pie .....such a shame these aren't available to buy!

I had to enlist the help of my other half for this review, as obviously it's not something I could use myself, although I did have a good poke around, but more about that later.

As you can see, she really is a work of art. I mentioned earlier that Bad Dragon offer customized colours and this is available for all their products. I received Janine in deep purple as my review was a bit last minute and this one was available.

All Anthro-Dragonesses are made in the same firmness of silicone and are 7.5 inches in length so they can accommodate almost anyone, regardless of length or girth.

Now for my other halfs opinion .....

"I was quite surprised how squidgy this felt to hold and also by the sheer weight of it. The detail is amazing and quite realistic, not that I have expert knowledge of what a dragonesses intimate parts should be like, but i'd imagine this to be pretty accurate. 

Although slightly nervous, I got out the lube and prepared. I had no idea what to expect upon insertion but once I protruded the entrance, it was a very pleasant experience indeed. I could feel the ripples inside of Janine as I slid my penis back and forth and have to say that it felt pretty damn good! Although the lube enabled me easier entry, due to the inner ripples, there's still a little bit of friction there which really enhances the experience. It was very snug in there and the length was ideal and not restricting in the slightest. Although this is a little weighty, I didn't have any problems during use and it felt comfortable to hold in my hand too. Admittedly, I didn't last too long before ejaculation which obviously means that she managed the job intended with ease.

Janine oozes quality and is a very welcome addition to my personal toy collection."

As I mentioned earlier, I had a bit of fondle of Janine myself  (I couldn't resist her charms), and was very impressed indeed! The attention to detail is absolutely amazing and like my other half mentioned, there are ripples which run through the centre, emulating the female form. The feel of the silicone is fantastic's slightly squishy but not at all flimsy, and warms to body temperature during use.

Bad Dragon have been making a few changes to Janine and my review is based upon the new version. Here are some comparison pics of her before and after her makeover .....

Old cross section

New cross section
Old cross section

New cross section
New on the left, Old on the right
Although I never tried Janine before these changes, i'm sure they've made a great deal of difference to her talents!

If you'd like to possess your very own Anthro-Dragoness Janine, she is available from 24th May 2013 and costs from $130.00.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Spice things up with!

Relationships often loose their spark when we get 'comfortable' with each other and sex can often become mundane and routine. Have no fear though as there are plenty of sexual aides out there to help reignite the old spark and lead you back on the road to sexual ecstasy.  have a fantastic range of products at affordable prices to help you do just that! Check out my 10 Top Picks....

Help get your man in the mood with a sexy outfit .....he'll be putty in your hands in no time! 

The Roxana Nurses Dress has a zip up front so you can have a bit of cleavage on show, and he can gain easy access. It also comes complete with a white and red nurses cap and sexy white lace garter featuring a pretty red bow. It is currently on sale for the fantastic price of £31.50!

If that's not quite you're thing, then try the gorgeous Corsetti Black Livia Lace Set

This is a stunning little number and sure to make him stand to attention. Black lace babydoll featuring large black polka dots and complete with daring crotchless thong make this a must-have piece of kit. It's currently on sale for only £19.79.

Next on my Top Picks is a couple of games. Games can be ideal, especially if you're struggling to say exactly what you want in the bedroom ...let the game do the talking! Here are two of my recommendations ...

Of course it goes without saying that a few sex toys can really help spice things up so why not invest in a couple of my faves to really shake things up. 

The We-Vibe 3 Remote Control Clitoral and G-Spot Vibrator is the ultimate in couples' toys and designed to give pleasure to both. It comes with a remote control so you can alter the vibrations etc without too much disturbance ...or better still, give the control to your man!! At £89.99, this is an absolute steal!

Next is the Zini Deux ....

This is another fabulous couples toy, although a little pricier. This is an innovative design and combines 2 separate vibrators, one for him, one for her, to provide the ultimate in pleasure. A bonus with this is that it only takes 2 hours to charge and for that, you get 3 hours of pleasure! Priced at £125.00 it's a purchase you won't regret. 

As with all sex toys, you mustn't forget the all important lube! Why not try the Zini Solution Sharing for £19.99 ...

Or if that's a little pricey, try Durex Play Stimulating Massage Gel and Lube which comes in at £7.59 ...

For those of you who may like to take things just a small step further, the treat yourself to some Bling Bling cuffs in black (also available in pink) for £18.00 ...

Or for the spankers out there, i'd recommend the Bound to Tease Heart Leather Paddle for some fun. This rolls in at £17.99 ...

These are my 10 Top Picks! I hope you find something of interest, but if not, feel free to have a browse round, there's bound to be something that takes your fancy!

Monday, 20 May 2013

The NEW iGino One

A while back, I was approached and asked if i'd like to review the new iGino One. As the concept of this new vibe had me so curious, I said yes and soon after received my very own iGino One.

It arrived in a plain cardboard box, which when opened, revealed a pretty white and pink pastel box bearing the iGino logo ...

Boxed iGino One

The lid simply lifts off the box to reveal your new toy ..and what an interesting one it is too!

Box contents

Included in the box are your iGino One, 2 different adapters, a USB cable, a velvety black pouch, some spare spongy spacers and a flower shaped spongy head to attach to the massager.

My first instinct was, wow, this looks just like a mobile phone/ipod ......great for the ultimate discretion! I imagined all sorts of scenarios as to when and where I could use my new toy and couldn't wait to get started.

The iGino is extremely easy to use. To charge, simply pull out the USB stick from the bottom of the vibe .....
Pull out USB

plug in the UBS cable and adapter then wait ....patiently! My first problem came here charge the iGino for 12 hours and for that, all you get is 40mins play time!! It's an awful long time to wait for such a quick thrill!

Remove the lid and you're faced with a dome shaped nozzle ...this is where all the action starts!

Dome shaped nozzle

And a few foam attachments ...

Foam attachments

The choice is yours as to whether you leave the nozzle as it is, or you can attach the flower shaped squidgy foam attachment (the one on the left in pic) to the nozzle for a slightly different sensation. This attachment feels alot like the giant foam pieces that kids piece together and play with and in my opinion, not the most hardy of materials. The nozzle itself features VibraMoove which means that the head kind of vibrates from side to side rather than the usual rotation. One of my main problems with this is that the more pressure you apply, the slower the movement becomes ...even grinding to a compete halt if you push too hard!

The vibrations punched out by this little vibe are far stronger than I expected, and the shape of the nozzle means you can hit the spot with extreme accuracy. I (with manual stimulation included) managed to reach orgasm but I did have a problem with the noise generated!! My imagination was shot to pieces when I realised that all those scenarios running through my head before i'd operated the iGino would have to stay in my imagination way could I use this anywhere remotely quiet as the noise that it omits is anything but discreet!! This, in my opinion, is it's biggest let down. I like my toys to be whisper quiet so I can have some fun without being found out. The iGino may as well come with a public invitation as you'll never get away with a quick private fumble.
Due to the lack of settings, i'm not sure i'd recommend this for a first time user as it is pretty strong much so that after around 5 mins, I began to feel a little numb down below!

Here's a quick video (with my poshest Geordie accent) to demonstrate the volume of the iGino .....make sure you've got your speakers turned on but careful if you're in a public place!!

Overall, I loved the quirky design of the iGino, especially since it's so different from everything else on the market. The nozzle gives off good vibrations which are pretty strong and easy to direct straight to your sweet spot. I'd quite like to have been able to alter the strength/intensity of the vibrations but maybe that's something to think about for future products.
Cleaning was a little more complicated as the iGino isn't waterproof/splashproof so you have to take extra care not to submerge in water. I managed to clean it with wipes but every once in a while, I like all my toys to have a 'proper' clean for hygiene purposes. Unfortunately, this is a bit fiddly as none of the parts disconnect.
The velvety pouch looks and feels a little cheap. I'd have preferred it to be a little more luxurious in feel and less likely to pick up as much fluff/dust.
I love the idea that it's rechargeable as it saves the age old problem of battery finding .....I never have enough of them and when I do, my kids always seem to beat me to them!
The price of the iGino will be around $99. I personally find this a little high for what you get but everyone's different.

I think there's a few things which could be improved with the iGino, but the concept is fab! It is slightly fiddly to keep hold of whilst roaring through the throws of passion due to the rectangular shape but I didn't struggle too much. The thin design means that you're meant to be able to place it between yours and your partners body to give an extra kick during lovemaking ....this didn't work at all for me as I couldn't get it to 'hit the spot', it turned out more farcial than erotic!

While the iGino may not be for me, you may find that you love it!

Although I received this product free of charge, this in no way affects the opinions in my review which are all my own.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

The Pet Shop by K.D. Grace

I received this review copy free of charge in return for an honest review.

The Pet Shop is one of those books where there's never a good place to stop always want to read more!

When Stella is handed a human pet for the weekend as a gift from her employers, she is adament that she won't be using him for his intended purpose. That is until Tino begins to familiarise himself with his new Keeper and she can resist his charms no longer. She gives in to temptation and allows Tino to take her on a journey of pure ecstasy, exploring every inch of her sexuality. He's rarely obedient and always hard and horny which is exactly what Stella needs for a weekend of relaxation.

When the time comes for Tino to return to The Pet Shop, Stella is already smitten with her wanton pet. She wastes no time in trying to hire him for another weekend of mind-blowing sex and so begins her fascination. Not only is she curious to know more about Tino, but she's also very curious about The Pet Shop and all the goings on there. Keen to learn, Stella has more than a few surprises jumping up along the way, not least that of her own sexual desires.

I don't want to give too much away about the storyline, but there are a few unexpected twists and turns along the way which kept me guessing almost till the very end. This is the first book i've read by the lovely KD Grace and I have to say that her writing style is truly captivating. There are real emotions in this story which can be felt by the reader, and the sex scenes, wow, they are truly HOT!! There's a good mixture of F/F, M/F, M/M as well as solo play and a whole lot in between ....something to suit every taste!!
This is one erotic fantasy that I wouldn't hesitate in recommending .....just don't forget the 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the door! ;)

The Pet Shop is available to buy from:
There's even a paperback available if you don't fancy an e-book!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Hard by Lily Harlem & Natalie Dae

We've all been in relationships where we're too scared to say exactly what we want in the bedroom and this couple are no different. Despite an active sex life, this married couple finally open up to each other and explore their fantasies.

Although the sex is great, the wife longs for her husband to take control and push the boundaries of their lovemaking, an idea that he finds a little hard to comprehend at first. She wants it hard and fast, to be used and abused and treat like a whore. He sees her as his precious, fragile little angel whom he doesn't want to hurt. After a slight build up, they embark on their wildest fantasy and both are surprised by their enjoyment of it all.

I really enjoyed Hard! It's such a simple story and one many couples will probably be able to relate to .....I know I can! The sex is hard and raw and written in a way which allows you to visualise every action as though you're in the room sharing the experience with them.

If you're looking for a quick read that gets you a bit hot under the collar, then this is for you! ;)

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Fetish Fantasy Ball Gag Beginners Training System from UberKinky

I recently received a Fetish Fantasy Ball Gag Beginners Training System from UberKinky for review. This is the first item of it's kind that I have tried. Read on to see what I thought!

As always with Uberkinky, my product arrived safe and sound in discreet packaging so as not to arouse the suspicions of my postie. Inside I found a simple white box showing pics of what to expect...

I noticed that there's mention of a 'free eye mask' on the box too added bonus that I hadn't expected. Inside you'll find your eye mask in one clear bag and 3 different ball sizes and a black strap to hold the gag in place in another clear bag ....

I was slightly disappointed by the quality of the 'eye mask' when I removed it as it feels quite paper-like and rather flimsy. I suppose I shouldn't really complain as this was a freebie and to my surprise, it didn't do a bad job of blocking out light and vision but I did find it slightly uncomfortable as it seemed to crinkle where the elastic pulled it round my eyes. I'd probably rather do without this bit and would prefer a proper blindfold.

Front of blindfold ...shiny & paper-like!
Back of blindfold
The ball gag, being a training system, comes with 3 different sized balls ...small, medium and large. Obviously, the idea is that you begin with the smaller of the balls and work your way up.

Small, Medium & Large gag balls
There's a simple strap with a buckle fastening to attach the gag balls to at a time of course! lol

Simply take the required size ball...
and attach to strap then....
use press stud to close in position

Although I found it really easy to attach the balls, I did struggle slightly to re-open them again .....almost snapping a nail whilst trying!

Like I mentioned earlier, the balls come in 3 sizes so unless you're feeling really brave or have used them before, the I strongly suggest you start with the smallest ....looks can be deceiving and this is no different! I almost headed straight for the bigger one and was so pleased I didn't. The small one only just fit comfortable in my mouth but I did feel my jaws begin to ache after around 10 minutes so this may take a bit of practice for me. Due to the small holes in each of the balls, breathing isn't a problem which is something I was slightly worried about before trying.

The attachment strap isn't exactly great quality, it sounds a little like paper crinkling when you feed the strap thorough to fasten the buckle, but it does have a slightly sponge-like material on the inside making it a bit more comfortable during wear ....

Inside of strap

The actual strap is a fair size too and there are more than enough holes to cater for a whole range of different head sizes .....I used it almost at it's smallest. It's fairly comfortable, but like I said earlier, I will have to practice a bit to prevent my jaws aching so much.

Overall I wasn't desperately impressed with the quality, but as a training system, it certainly does the job and is simple and easy to use. The balls are all easy cleaned but I just had to give the strap a quick wipeover as I was scared to submerge it in water in case it fell apart!

If you fancy trying the Fetish Fantasy Ball Gag Training System by Pipedream yourself, then pop over to UberKinky and place your order costs just £16.99!
If that's not quite your thing, there are plenty variations to suit all tastes. Check out the wide range of Ball gags available.

I received this product free of charge in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own and may differ from your own opinion.