Saturday, 25 May 2013

Janine the Anthro-Dragoness by Bad Dragon

I have to say that i've never been so excited waiting for a review toy to arrive as I was waiting for Janine The Anthro-Dragoness  from Bad Dragon. Despite the fact that this is a male penetrable toy, i'd heard and read so much about the Bad Dragon range that my anticipation was reaching boiling point.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the Bad Dragon brand, they were founded in June 2008 and have gone from strength to strength as one of (if not the only) company to offer all things 'fantasy'. Not only is there an extensive range of Dragon themed toys, but each one is custom made to your own personal specifications. There's a huge selection of colours available for each dildo and you even get to choose the firmness too so there's certainly something to suit every taste! There are even some models which come complete with the ability to shoot Cumlube (Bad Dragons own personal lube) amazing's that??

Janine The Anthro-Dragoness  has currently been undergoing a makeover and I have been lucky enough to receive her for review ...yay!

My package arrived safe and sound in a plain brown cardboard box ...phew, no strange looks from the postie! Here's what I received ....

In the pic are Janine The Anthro-Dragoness , a Bad Dragon badge, a Bad Dragon pen, a silcone sample disc so you can see what firmness is best for you (this is a 5 which is Normal firmness, they also do 3 which is soft & 8 which is hard) and a very cute mini Vergil the Drippy Dragon which I absolutely adore! The extra little gifts really made me smile and added that something special to my delivery ....thank you Bad Dragon.
Here's a closer look at my mini Vergil ....

Isn't he adorable? He's only around 2 inches high and cute as pie .....such a shame these aren't available to buy!

I had to enlist the help of my other half for this review, as obviously it's not something I could use myself, although I did have a good poke around, but more about that later.

As you can see, she really is a work of art. I mentioned earlier that Bad Dragon offer customized colours and this is available for all their products. I received Janine in deep purple as my review was a bit last minute and this one was available.

All Anthro-Dragonesses are made in the same firmness of silicone and are 7.5 inches in length so they can accommodate almost anyone, regardless of length or girth.

Now for my other halfs opinion .....

"I was quite surprised how squidgy this felt to hold and also by the sheer weight of it. The detail is amazing and quite realistic, not that I have expert knowledge of what a dragonesses intimate parts should be like, but i'd imagine this to be pretty accurate. 

Although slightly nervous, I got out the lube and prepared. I had no idea what to expect upon insertion but once I protruded the entrance, it was a very pleasant experience indeed. I could feel the ripples inside of Janine as I slid my penis back and forth and have to say that it felt pretty damn good! Although the lube enabled me easier entry, due to the inner ripples, there's still a little bit of friction there which really enhances the experience. It was very snug in there and the length was ideal and not restricting in the slightest. Although this is a little weighty, I didn't have any problems during use and it felt comfortable to hold in my hand too. Admittedly, I didn't last too long before ejaculation which obviously means that she managed the job intended with ease.

Janine oozes quality and is a very welcome addition to my personal toy collection."

As I mentioned earlier, I had a bit of fondle of Janine myself  (I couldn't resist her charms), and was very impressed indeed! The attention to detail is absolutely amazing and like my other half mentioned, there are ripples which run through the centre, emulating the female form. The feel of the silicone is fantastic's slightly squishy but not at all flimsy, and warms to body temperature during use.

Bad Dragon have been making a few changes to Janine and my review is based upon the new version. Here are some comparison pics of her before and after her makeover .....

Old cross section

New cross section
Old cross section

New cross section
New on the left, Old on the right
Although I never tried Janine before these changes, i'm sure they've made a great deal of difference to her talents!

If you'd like to possess your very own Anthro-Dragoness Janine, she is available from 24th May 2013 and costs from $130.00.

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