Monday, 28 November 2011

Givelube Lubetube Premium Aqua Gel Mini 30ml

I was recently sent some Givelube Lubetube Premium Aqua Gel Mini to review for Naughty Nights UK ...much to my pleasure.

The tube arrived safe and sound in a padded envelope and unlike many other lubes, this one had a sealed, clear wrapper around it which helped prevent any unwanted spillages during transportation...a definate bonus!!
The wrapper itself was very easily removed as there is a perforrated strip down the side so you simply grab and pull - et voila!

The lubetube I received was 30ml and costs £3.95 from Naughty Nights UK and as you can see, it comes with a flip lid so it's alot less messy than conventional tubes.

I did a little reading up about this lube before trying it and i'm happy to report that it is both Paraben and Glycerin Free so won't cause any unwanted irritations to your nether regions. It is safe to use with both condoms and latex, and best of all it's non staining, colourless, odourless AND contains Aloe Vera and Panthenol, both of which are known for their skin softening properties.

Once opened, I squeezed a bit onto my Mini Rabbit (my toy of choice at the time), and began to work it around my clit. The rabbit seemed to glide into my vagina with ease and although the lube seemed to dry naturally, by adding a little water/saliva, it was possible to 'reactivate' it....this means that you can use it very sparingly as a little goes an awful long way!

All in all, i'd say this is an ideal lube for those who are prone to skin irritation and the handy sized bottle means it will easily hide in your handbag and you can feel safe in the knowledge that it won't leak!
You certainly can't go wrong for the price either and a small tube should certainly last a while.

Givelube Lubetube Premium Aqua Gel is available from Naughty Nights UK in the following sizes:
250ml - £12.95
100ml - £8.95
30ml - £3.95
(Prices correct at time of post)

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  1. Brilliant review, Im allergic to most gels and lubes so I may give this a try.