Thursday, 18 August 2011

Mantric Dinky Pink

As you can see, the Dinky Pink is a very fitting name for this little baby....and it's one of my favourite mini vibrators! It's also splash proof and skin friendly so suitable for everyone. The material has a slightly velvety feel which makes it very welcoming indeed and it's nicely rounded too for easy insertion. As you can see from the pic, it also has a  wrist strap....just in case you worry about it getting lost up there lol

The one above I received from Sex Toys Eden. I've just looked on site and these are currently out of stock (probably due to the sheer popularity of them), but normally retail for £7.50...which isn't half bad considering the hours of pleasure you can have! Best of all, it only requires 1AA battery which is included, no hanging around then, you can have fun from the minute you open it!!

Don't be put off by the fact that it's so small.....this thing really packs some punch and is guaranteed to have you squealing with delight in no time. It has one continuous speed which has just the right amount of vibration (for me at least) to help reach orgasm.

The Dinky Pink will fit perfectly into any small handbag and is quiet and discreet enough for you to have fun wherever you are. It's also waterproof so you could even take your new toy in the bath with you...or swimming if you dare! ;)

I'd highly recommend this and have had many hours of pleasure from mine, hope you do to if you decide to buy one. Feel free to post any comments below this post, i'm intersted in what you think too!

This reveiw is based upon my own opinions, however your own may differ. Please bare this in mind!

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