Thursday, 18 April 2013

Love Bites - The Gloves with a Bite

A few weeks back, I was asked by the lovely Ms Serene if i'd like to receive a pair of her new gloves, 'Love Bites' for review. Of course, I said YES!!

My gloves arrived in a discreet brown envelope which, once opened, contained a clear plastic bag which had a large hand-written label stuck on the front.

Once inside the plastic wrapper, this is what you get ....
click to enlarge

These gloves are made from Chenille and are 100% vegan, washable and reusable.

On the surface these gloves look like any other, however upon closer inspection, it's clear to see the tiny little pins poking through as you look at the inner palm and fingers.
spiked palm & fingers
spikes on fingers (click to enlarge)

The pins are pushed through from the inside and glued/stitched into place...
Pins shown from inside the glove

I personally think that something else is needed here, especially since you can feel all the bumps whilst wearing them and they don't seem to be very secure to me. An inner glove or some material to cover all this would have been a much better option and would have looked a lot less 'homemade' too.

I tried these on myself but found them to be of no use at all due to their size ....I have long, thin fingers and skinny wrists so the gloves just hung on them ....
too large for small hands

These gloves are intended for sensual play but for delicate skin like mine, it didn't take long before I was covered in painful tiny scratches and pin pricks! I'm all for feeling a bit of 'bite' but these were a little too much for me. The pins seemed to scratch rather than titilate and I found it more uncomfortable than anything else. My partner wasn't too happy about wearing these as he thought they seemed a bit girlie ....he had no choice though for testing purposes and they were a much better fit for his manly hands.
I've no doubt that some of you who partake in more extreme BDSM may find them ideal, however they really aren't for me.
I was slightly disappointed in the quality too, especially for the price of $22 which I believe is around £14 UK money.

Still unsure? Check out Serenes' YouTube video ...

If you're interested in trying these for yourself, click here

I always try to be honest in everything I review which means saying when I don't like something, as well as when I do. I hope you'll appreciate that all reviews are based upon my own opinion, which isn't necessarily the same as yours!!

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