Monday, 29 April 2013

Lucky Me Lucky You Flavored Towelettes

Lucky Me Lucky You are a new innovative Strawberry flavored towelette used to enhance pleasure. Here's the official information .....

Flavored and scented towelette that when applied to any skin surface will provide gentle cleansing and a great smelling and pleasant tasting experience.

Intended Use:
An adult novelty item that is intended to be applied to the male or female genital area. When applied in this manner it is intended to enhance the oral sexual experience. This is a single-use product. Application to other skin surfaces (ie neck, navel) that are erogenous zones is a secondary intended use.

All below ingredients are known to be Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS), a standard established by the United States Food and Drug Administration. The towelette is composed of 45 gsm spun-laced cotton and when unfolded has dimensions of 5x6cm (approx. 2x2 3/8in).

Water, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Stevia Rebaundia extract, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate and a proprietary blend of aromatics and flavoring agents.

I was recently asked if i'd like to receive some of these fantastic towelettes in return for an honest review.

Here's what I thought after my first try....

When I first opened out the towelette, I was met with a gorgeous strawberry smell which sent my senses into overdrive. I removed the towelette and opened it out ........i'm sorry that at this point I didn't think of taking a pic, but I had other things on my mind. I gave my other half a quick pre-warning that it may be a little cold, then proceeded to rub it over his penis. We both found this quite amusing rather than sensual but it certainly added a little bit of spice. Apart from the coldness, my partner didn't really notice any difference in sensitivity etc but he did enjoy the application process.
I began to give my man some oral stimulation in order to get a taste for these towelettes and to be honest, I could smell more than I could taste which was slightly disappointing. I tried wiping his penis again several times to see if the flavour improved but still struggled to taste anything strawberry, although the smell was as pungent as ever!

Then we tried again.....

Not being one to give up, we decided to wait a couple of nights and try again, just in case the towelette had dried out a bit ....i'd realised that i'd stored it near a radiator!!

Once again, I didn't think about taking a pic before starting but the towelettes resemble wet wipes which come in individual wrappers. You simply remove from the packet, open out and have some fun!

My man lying in wait, me with the towelette in my hand and the kids pre-occupied. We were ready for another shot. This time, the wipe DID feel slightly damper, so maybe the radiator did have alot to do with the lack of flavour from the first one. Rather than just wipe over my mans' penis, I placed the towelette over the top and wrapped my hand around it. I held it there for around 30 seconds before removing and proceeding to give oral. WOW!! The strawberry flavour really came through this time and was alot more pleasant than i'd imagined. This had all my senses going ......I could smell the sweet, strawberry aroma and taste it with every kiss, lick and suck. I actually think my partner enjoyed it all the more as I was savoring the taste which probably made me take things alot more slowly and seductively. For as long as I performed, I was able to taste the strawberry, right through to ejaculation.

Overall opinion

Despite my misgivings after the first try, I would certainly recommend these wipes to add a little something extra to oral sex. They provide a pleasant tasting experience and would be superb for those who aren't too keen on the idea of oral sex. The towelettes are simple to use, and unlike flavoured lubes etc, they aren't messy in the slightest. The smell left on the genital area disappears within an hour(ish) so you've nothing to worry about there either. Play around by wiping over nipples to give your man a tasty strawberry treat never know where it might lead! Most of all, have fun!!

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I received Lucky Me Lucky You Flavored Towelettes free of charge in return for an honest review, this does not in any way affect my opinion of this product. All opinions are my own.

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