Wednesday, 24 April 2013

The Rechargeable One from Ann Summers

I was absolutely thrilled when I received a delivery from Ann Summers at the weekend and proceeded to have a fantastic weekend! I was so impressed with the products I received, that I decided to review them and share my opinions with you all.
So, here's my first review .....

We've all heard of the Rampant Rabbit and probably have many variations hidden away in drawers etc, but when I received The Rechargeable One, I really couldn't believe my luck! I'm a HUGE fan of the infamous rabbit vibes as they give extra stimulation exactly where I like it but I often run down the batteries and have to wait till I remember to buy more before I can 'play with the bunnies'.
Thanks to The Rechargeable One, that is now a thing of the past!!

The box shows a rather delightful picture of your new vibe and opens out to reveal it in all it's glory. The front of the box is held down with a small magnet which is really easy to open.

Inside, you'll find the most attractive looking rabbit vibe, a charging dock and an adapter.

I couldn't wait to get my hands on it and see how it felt ...and I wasn't disappointed!

The Rechargeable One is made from Silicone/ABS, is free from latex and phthalates and has a lovely silky feel. There are slight ripples running down the body of the vibe, but these can't be felt during insertion ...well, not for me anyway!

You are advised to charge your new Rabbit for around 12 hours before it's first use ......this requires the patience of a saint!! I decided to charge mine overnight, that way I wouldn't be constantly checking it. Don't panic though, after the initial first charge, you only have to recharge for an hour or two ...PHEW!!

The vibe sits nicely on it's charging dock and it's a much better idea than having to lie it on the floor to charge. There's a flashing LED whilst it charges which turns into a solid light once charged so you'll know exactly when it's ready without having to play guess work!

Make sure you connect the base of the rabbit properly to the charging dock, otherwise you'll be waiting even longer!!

My pictures really don't do justice to this fabulous work of art and it's pretty difficult to tell the colour from them but it's a very bright neon pink which I absolutely adore.

Not only is this beautiful to look at, but it's also extremely pleasurable to use. It boasts a very impressive 5-7 inches in length of which at least 6 inches is insertable! It is 1.5 inches in diameter and is fully waterproof.

The shaft itself has 3 different functions ranging from slow rotations to more rapid powerful ones and my favourite part, the ears, boast a whopping 7 different functions ranging from mild pulsating to very strong vibrations. The rechargeable one is around 30% more powerful than it's battery operated hutchmates making it a must-have toy for all rabbit lovers.
I held my finger over the ears before using and was stunned at the power behind them when it was set at its most strongest. I was also a little unsure as to whether my clit would be able to handle such strength!

Plenty of lube is the key here, which is where my favourite Givelube come in. Although the girth isn't enormous, I was a little worried at how much i'd have to insert before the ears were able to work their magic, but once fully lubed, I had no problems at all. The silky feel of the Rabbit made for easy insertion and the gentle rotation of the shaft successfully massaged my g-spot and all other nerve endings. Oh my word, when those ears reached me I knew instantly. The pleasure that surged through my body was like nothing i'd experienced for a long time. One part of me was saying that I needed to move it as I could take no more, but the other half was saying 'gimme more'. Little did I know that my other half was having a ball altering the functions and this really heightened my excitement resulting in a mind blowing orgasm.

Overall I absolutely LOVE my new Rabbit and he now has pride of place in my bedroom! The smoothness of the shaft makes him ideal for both beginners and more experienced users alike. Unlike alot of other vibes, he's pretty quiet too so great if your looking for a bit of discretion. He's easy to clean and easy to store .....perfection!

You can buy The Rechargeable One direct from Ann Summers for the amazing price of £65.00 or use the code below to receive 15% discount!

Offer: 15% off £30 spend on Sex Toys
Start date: 22nd April 2013
End Date: 28th April 2013

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