Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Angelic Dreams from SexToyMarket

It's always exciting receiving new toys in the post, and when asked if i'd be interested in reviewing for them, I promptly accepted and began to stalk my postie. Within a couple of days I received my first review toy .....
Angelic Dreams
Back of box
The Angelic Dreams is a realistic penis vibrator which is made from Loveclone RX material (a trademarked name for a hydrocarbon polymer that is synthetically produced - this material is made to mimic real skin) and is phthalate free. It also claims to be waterproof, however the packaging does state that it is not to be immersed in water and is more suitable for shower play ...please bare this in mind!
In all it's glory
Once removed from the packaging, you'll find your new toy and a small instruction leaflet. This toy feels absolutely amazing. It is so soft to touch and has a silky smooth feel which begs to be played with.
Easy insertion for 1AA battery (not included)
The base of the vibe simply twists to open and there's room inside for 1 AA battery which isn't included.
Push button operation
Once the battery is in, screw on the bottom and press the small pink button on the base to operate. There are 2 speed settings, push once for mild vibrations and push again for stronger vibrations  (another push and it will be turned off).

The vibrations aren't exceptionally strong, although they do run from the base through to the tip which I quite liked. The other thing I really loved about this is that it's bendy! Not to the point that it just flops, but it is possible to manouvre the end for pin point accuracy...
Bent to the left
and to the right
You can bend it forwards
or even backwards
...this makes for an extremely versatile vibrator! The Angelic Dreams is around 7.5inches from end to end with around 4.5inches insertable and is 1.5inches in diameter. It's very lifelike indeed, from the pale fleshy colour, to the realistic veins this is like having your very own personal willy but without the complications.
Realistic veins
I opted for my fave Premium Aqua Gel from Givelube as it's water based and suitable to use with the Angelic Dreams, and I did need lube as I found that the vibe became slightly sticky once i'd cleaned the protective powder off it. I would be lying if I said that those fantastic veins couldn't be felt at all, but they are anything but unpleasant and could only be felt during my first few minutes of 'play time'. After that, I was so carried away that I didn't really notice them. The vibrations aren't quite as strong as i'd have liked but did manage to help me reach orgasm. I think this would be fantastic if it had some form of clit tickler attached to it ....I like alot of clit stimulation, so for me this would have been a perfect addition.

All in all I really liked this! I'd say it's ideal for anyone whether you're a toy sexpert or just a novice as the feel of the Angelic Dreams is so realistic and as it's squidgy, it conforms to your body shape whilst in use making it not only comfortable, but easy to operate too. Unlike with some vibes, I had no probs altering the speed whilst the vibe was in use ....many others become too slippery once lube has been applied but this was fine. As for the noise level, it's more of a dull humming sound and is alot less noticable if you hide under the duvet with it!
To clean, simply wash in warm soapy water (although do not immerse) or use your usual wipes/spray etc.

The Angelic Dreams is availbale from at a cost of £16.97 - which I think is fab for what you get!


  1. Great looking realistic toy, I love how flexible it is. Thanks for the review :)

  2. Im loving the extra girth and the realistic colour, plus the fact you can bend this in any direction; what a great toy.
    Thanks for another detailed review and all the great photos hun.