Monday 2 April 2012

LUV Body Massager from Rocks-Off

As I mentioned in my Naughty-Boy review, I was sent 3 products from Rocks-Off, and after having a few lappy problems, i'm finally ready to post my second.

I had planned on this being the first toy I tried, but a shortage of batteries (they're always dead when needed) meant I had to wait. I did eventually get some and managed to have some fun.

LUV Body Massager (front of box)
The LUV Body Massager arrived in a simple clear, hard plastic box with a removable outer sleeve.
Back of box
Once you remove the outer sleeve, you have the hard plastic box which has a lift-off lid ...
Lift-off lid for easy access
And there you have it, a gorgeous massager with a pretty pink heart shaped head and 2 simple push buttons on the handle to operate.
Gorgeous sleek design 
As with most Rocks-Off products, the LUV Body Massager is 100% waterproof so you can give yourself a nice little massage whether chilling in front of the tv or relaxing in a nice hot bath, either way, you're sure to have fun! 

Removable end for battery insertion
The massager requires 4AA batteries (not included) and these are inserted into the bottom as shown in the pic above. I did have a few problems opening the bottom ....until I discovered that there's a knack to it!
There are 2 push buttons on the handle of the massager, 1 to turn it on or off and the other to flick through the 5 available settings. The first 3 settings are continuous vibrations, with each one stronger than the last, and the last 2 settings give pulsating vibrations.

I used this both as a massager and as a pleasure toy and I found that both were pretty satisfying. The vibrations run through the whole of the heart shaped head which allows it to cover a pretty large area and the vibrations are nicely strong too. I wouldn't say that this had me screaming with orgasmic pleasure, although I did find it to be very sensual and satisfying when used in the right places. As a massager used to ease pains it worked quite well and managed to help de-stress me without making my whole body shake. I passed it over to my man to use on me and give him some control but he found it a little awkward ...maybe due to it's size. From end to end the massager is 7 1/2 inches long and the heart shaped head is around 3 inches at its fattest and made from a nice, soft silky material which feels sensual on the skin. 

As for the nise level, well, it is pretty loud although you can dull that slightly by slipping under the duvet with it!

Overall I loved the LUV Body Massager and would definately recommend it to give satisfaction as well as relaxation - depending on where you use it! Another bonus is that you wouldn't really worry about anyone 'accidently' finding this as it doesn't look like a standard pleasure toy, especially it being so pretty!

The LUV Body Massager is available to buy from many good stockists including:
Nice'n'Naughty - £34.99 - £34.95


  1. I absolutely love this vibe its still one of my all time favorites!
    Another lovely review hun.