Wednesday 11 April 2012

Basix Mini Butt Plug from Nice'n'Naughty

Another review for Nice'n'Naughty, although this one is a little different for me as I received something which i've never tried before - the Basix Mini Butt Plug by Pipedream!

Basix Mini Butt Plug
Most of my previous reviews have been for dildos or vibrators as the idea of putting something into my private back quarter somewhat disturbed me ....this didn't stop my curiosity though!

After some careful consideration, I agreed to test out this Basix Mini Butt Plug - mainly because it didn't look too obtrusive or scary (i'm such a wimp).

The packaging for this is pretty basic ....a clear, sturdy plastic casing which shows exactly what you've got for your money. There are no instructions or anything either, although logically, you can't really go wrong!
Out of the packaging
Once removed from the packaging, the butt plug is relatively small both in length and girth. The material used is American-made rubber and is 100% phthalates and latex-free making it both safe for the environment and hypoallergenic. Excluding the base, the length is 4" and the circumference is just under 2" at the very tip and just under 3" at it's fattest part to try it!

As with anything anal related, hygiene is of the utmost importance so please be sure to clean your new toy thoroughly before and after each use and never go straight from anal to vaginal use before cleaning first!

Once I cleaned my new toy, I began to prepare myself for intrusion. A healthy dollop of lube and I was all set ....or so I thought! As this is the first time i've ever used an anal toy, I found myslef fumbling around quite a bit - kinda pleased my man wasn't there to witness this debacle as he'd probably have burst out laughing at me. When I first felt this butt plug in my hand, I thought wow, this is nice, flexible and small so it should be okay for my first time ....I was wrong.

The size and design of this are perfect, although the flexibility caused me a number of problems - mainly getting the damn thing in. Each time I tried to ease it inside me, it just bent. Some 20 minutes and lots of sweating later, I could finally breathe a sigh of relief as i'd at last achieved what i'd set out to do - get the butt plug in and have some fun.
Barely touching but see it bend!
Once I actually managed to get this where I wanted it, I was pleasantly surprised by how it felt. Although the bendiness caused me a few problems, it allowed the butt plug to adapt to my shape and size making it very unobtrusive and comfortable. It did try to 'pop' out a couple of times but i'm not sure if that's just because I wasn't positioned too well. I had no idea how turned on I could get through using this and giving my clit some stimulation at the same time .....WOW!!

Overall I really liked the size and texture of this although it could definately do with being a little sturdier. The colour is quite pretty and although it did have a bit of a smell to it, it certainly wasn't as overpowering as some.

The Basix Mini Butt Plug is available from Nice'n'Naughty at a cost of £5.99


  1. I too have bendy ones and they can be fiddly but they are easier when my OH inserts it as they are in the right position and you can lay back, relax and enjoy.
    Another fun and detailed review hun.

  2. I was so frustrated trying myself, I didn't even bother to ask my OH! lol Maybe i'll have to give it another go ...with a helping hand this time though ;)
    Thanks for the comment hun xx