Thursday, 2 February 2012

Madam by Becky Adams

I noticed that Becky Adams was asking for bloggers to review her new book on twitter so wasted no time in expressing my interest. A few tweets later and I was sent a digital copy of the fabulous new book 'Madam' ....I couldn't wait to get started!

I've always been interested in the sex industry and how things work, but it's very rare being able to hear it all from the horses' mouth so to speak.
When prostitution or brothels are mentioned in todays society, most people generally assume the girls involved are drug induced and living in poverty or fear, although this isn't always the case as outlined in Becky Adams new biography 'Madam'.

The book begins by giving a little backround info about Becky's childhood and the difficult relationship she shared with her mother before moving on to becoming owner of a topless carwash, brothel Madam and sex toy seller. She really has seen and done it all!

Who'd have thought that by simply keeping an eye on a good friend and making sure they were safe, could lead to a life of brothels, puppets, dildos and dongs?? Sounds bizzarre, but that's exactly how it all happened for Becky Adams.

Starting out by dropping her good friend off for jobs to ensure her safety, things quickly progressed for Becky until she was actually arranging jobs herself, and before long, needed to find more girls and somewhere to work from! Madam Beckys Massage Parlour was to be the answer to it all.
Although faced with problems every step of the way, Becky proceeded to defy all the odds and become one of the most successful and well respected Madams on the circuit, even appearing on the Trisha show and This Morning as well as 'Person Services', a docu-soap which ran on ITV in 2003.

'Madam' seriously opened my eyes, and I thought I knew it all! Who'd have thought that hand puppets could bring so much satisfaction to a person ...especially a puppet like Spanky the monkey (you'll have to read the book to find out more). One particular incident had the tears streaming down my face and all I'm gonna say is 'Pat-O-Gram' - again, if you want to know more, get the book!! People come from all walks of life, and they never cease to amaze...what shocks one is sure to excite another, and there's certainly no shortage of strange and amazing people in Madam.
Although business was booming, things weren't quite so great for Becky herself. The daily battle with not only the irate neighbours, police and authorities, but also her own girls and her competitors, soon began to take its toll.
Most people assume that running a brothel would be an easy job, but after reading 'Madam', I see that that is far from the truth. There is so much more involved than just taking calls from wanting men and arranging a lady to satisfy them. Everyone out there seems to become the enemy, all wishing to see you fail and putting obstacles at every given opportunity. It takes a really strong person to overcome all those obstacles and I have the utmost admiration for Becky Adams and what she has achieved. She is living proof that alot of madams and prostitutes are in fact highly respectable women, many who work to fulfil their own fantaies as well as earn a few quid.

After 20 years in the business, Becky Adams gives a very honest and entertaining account of her life which brought a few shocked gasps, some schoolgirl giggles, hysterical laughter and a little sadness too. I'm sure that after reading Madam, many will change their opinion of sex workers and those who fight daily to ensure their safety. Well done Becky and thankyou for giving me the opportunity to review this for you, it's been an absolute pleasure and I wish you every success in the future.

'Madam' by Becky Adams is available to buy from and also from  Waterstones at a cost of £9.99.
She will also be doing book signings at the following:
The Old Queens Head, Islington on February 7th between from 8pm till 10pm
The Greene Room, Milton Keynes on February 10th from 8pm till 1.30am
Waterstones, Milton Keynes on February 12th from 12pm till 3pm

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  1. Great review and explanations just giving us a taster of whats inside.