Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Eve The Little Gem from Private Delight

I love my bullets and I love clit stimulators so when Private Delight approached me and asked if i'd like to test and review 'Eve The Little Gem' I simply couldn't refuse!

Eve arrived in a discreet grey envelope, hidden away from prying eyes (namely those of my postie!)

Eve The Little Gem (box front)
Eve (back of box)
The box itself was really small ...no wasted packaging so great for the environment! Once inside you'll find a sleek and stylish Eve complete with 3 x LR44 batteries ....a definite bonus that they're included, however Private Delight did send me some batteries too.
Box contents
Perfectly formed, Eve
Once removed from the box, you can see just how discreet and sleek Eve is .....she's silky smooth too making her all the more alluring!
Eve is made from ABS material and is 2.75 inches in length and 1 inch in diameter - the perfect size to fit in your handbag or pocket for some fun on the go.
Twist off end for battery insertion
To insert the batteries, simply twist off the end of the vibe and you'll find a small piece of paper inside the battery compartment showing you which way to put the batteries in. Once they're in, twist the cap back on securely and you're all set to play.
Simple on/off button
The vibe is operated by a simple on/off button which just pushes in. There are 2 speed settings and 3 different pulsations.
Press once - This activates the vibe and gives a fairly strong vibration
Press twice - This strengthens the already strong vibration by quite a bit
Press 3 times - This begins a slow pulsating vibration
Press 4 times - The pulsating becomes stronger and quicker
Press 5 times - The pulsating has 2 short bursts followed by 1 longer burst
Press 6 times - This turns off the vibe

Eve is fully waterproof so perfect for some bathtime fun and can be used solo (as I did) or with a partner. I wouldn't say this vibe is exactly quiet, although the noise does muffle a little whilst 'in use' - if you have thin walls, it may be best to have the tv or something playing in the background, especially if you have nosey kids as I do!

The vibrations of Eve were much stronger than I expected and I was quite taken by surprise - both by their strength, and by how quickly I began to orgasm! Fantastic!! The pulsating had me almost climbing the walls and I think it's mainly due to the shape. The curvature makes it very easy to hold and the tapered tip gives accurate pin-point precision so you can send pleasure exactly where you want it. The button can be a little awkward to press once it becomes slippery but it's not as bad as some i've tried.

Overall I absolutely loved this! 100% waterproof, small, discreet, powerful and sexy ...Eve has it all!

Amazingly you can purchase Eve from Private Delight for a cracking price of just £13.99 while it's on special offer (normal price is £19.99) and i'm sure you won't be disappointed!
Why not check out some of the other amazing products they have on offer too, there's something for everyone!

Many thanks to Private Delight for giving me the opportunity to try this, I love it!


  1. This is such a cute shape for a bullet and brilliant they supply the batteries.
    Lovely piks its great to see the size in your hand. Thanks again for another lovely review huny.

  2. You have given an awesome review about Eve. Thanks for the details and keep up the good work.

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