Monday, 9 January 2012

Toy Joy Twice as Nice Double Ender Dildo

This is the first double ender dildo I had ever purchased and I have to say, it was a bloody good buy!
The dildo is made from PVC and is quite soft and flexible so you can bend it to exactly where you want it.
My only problem with this was the smell! It hits you as soon as you open the packaging and it certainly isn't the most pleasant. I've had my double ender for over a year now and although the smell has weakened slightly, it still isn't the greatest....and I assure you, it's had it's fair share of use!!

The Twice as Nice is 11.5" from tip to tip and 1.5" in girth making it the perfect toy to use either alone or with a partner.

Each end is tapered making for easy insertion and the whole dildo is ribbed to give extra pleasure when in use.

Both ends are also perfectly designed to look like an actual penis...very appealing in my opinion!

Due to the material, I found that I needed quite alot of lube as otherwise the dildo tended to 'stick' which caused friction. Once fully lubed though, this is fantastic!
It slides in easily and the shape of the head makes it feel pretty realistic. The ribbing can be felt, but it's by no means uncomfortable, if anything, they helped heighten my arousal. Although the Twice as Nice is bendy, it's not quite as flexible as I was expecting and takes some effort when using for dual penetration. I personally prefer to use this for vaginal insertion as I find it a little uncomfortable using anally.

All in all a great buy! No batteries, easy to clean and fun to use alone or with a partner....ticks all my boxes!!

I purchased my Twice as Nice from where it is available for £15.95 with free delivery. 

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  1. Another great review Sass, its a shame it had a strong smell, but hopefully that will fade. I like the girth and ribbing of this.Plus I do love the pink. Glad you liked this.