Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The Bedroom Game from Naughty Nights UK

I've never before played any form of adult board games, so when I was told by Naughty Nights UK that The Bedroom Game was on it's way to me, I was rather excited. A few days later a small package arrived and as always, was delivered in discreet packaging - just to keep the postie guessing! lol

The Bedroom Game
The box is just over 6" in length and just over 5" in width - alot smaller than I expected! The lid fits snugly over the top and there's where the problem lies. It was a complete bugger to get off!! It took me a good 10-15 minutes and lots of grit determination to finally remove it and that's because they don't leave any finger room. The lid actually meets the bottom of the box and is a really tight fit making it almost impossible to remove ....something which definately needs improved on.

Once I performed my magicians act and got the lid off, this is what was inside...
Box contents (1dice and 6 cards)
There are 6 packs of coloured cards, each with a different category such as Role Play & Fantasy and Foreplay & Romance and you receive 1 dice with coloured circles on corresponding to each of the cards.
The idea of the game is to roll the dice and whatever colour it lands on, you choose the card of the same colour and carry out the suggestion written on the back.
Back of the card
I was slightly disappointed by the cards as they were quite plain and looked slightly cheap, but maybe that's just me being picky. I only peeked at one card (the one above) before playing the game as I didn't want to cheat, so my man and me settled down to play our first game.
Me to go first, I rolled the dice and waited to see what I got ..... Foreplay & Romance. I turned over the top card and read it aloud "Take a hot bubble bath together. Caress and lather each other up with a sponge. Massage and play with each other under the water" so off I went to fill the bath.
We did as the card suggested and ...ahem... one thing lead to another and before we knew it we'd forgotten all about the game. We did try again a few days later, but found that as we've been together for almost 19 years and have experimented alot during that time (and still do), most of the suggestions were things we regularly enjoyed in our sex lives anyway.

Overall this is probably more suited for those in new relationships who are wanting to experiment but maybe too scared to ask. This game is however for a minimum of 2 people, so think of the fun to be had if there were more playing!!

The Bedroom Game is available from Naughty Nights UK for £12.99

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