Wednesday 7 March 2012

Naughty-Boy from Rocks-Off

Most of you will already be familiar with the Rocks-Off brand which burst into the adult toy market with the award winning Rock Chick. They have since introduced a wide range of fun, exciting toys which deliver pleasure to men and women worldwide.

I was recently lucky enough to be approached by Rocks-Off and asked if I would like to review a few of their products, of course, I didn't take much persuasion! Within a week, I received 3 products which I will review individually. The first one for review is the Rocks-Off Naughty-Boy in blue.

Rocks-Off Naughty-Boy (boxed)

The Naughty-Boy comes in a sturdy box which has a removable lid so you can get easy access to your new toy.
Box contents
Once inside the box you'll find the Naughty-Boy vibe and a small booklet showing the products on offer as well as the awards won by Rocks-Off - and there are a few!

RO-80mm bullet which fits snugly inside the Naughty-Boy
The Naughty-Boy is a combined prostate and perineum stimulator and has been designed around the famous Rude-Boy, although the diameter has been made smaller so it's suitable for beginners. It is made from soft, flexible medical grade silicone so it's safe to use and also 100% hypoallergenic. Naughty-Boy is pretty much just a silicone sleeve into which the RO-80mm bullet is inserted. 

As this is a 'boys toy', I obviously wasn't erm, shall we say 'equipped' to test it and unfortunately, my partner didn't have any interest in trying it. After discussing my dilema with a friend, I was stunned to discover that he had recently been experimenting with anal toys and he agreed to try it and give me all the details needed for my review. 
A couple of days later and he returned with his opinion which was as follows:
The Naughty-Boy is a very simple, yet effecive idea. Once lubed, it slid in without too much discomfort and didn't feel intrusive in any way - i'm sure that the fact it's so bendy was a big help. As i'm pretty new to using male sex toys, this was just about the right girth to give me pleasure without pain, stimulating parts which I didn't even know could be pleasurable. The vibration was quite strong, but not too much so and resulted in my climaxing within a very short space of time. The hands-free design left me able to explore my partner and give her a bit of attention too - a feature which we both loved! The fact that the bullet could be removed was an added bonus as it meant that not only did I receive pleasure from this toy, but once i'd finished, my partner was able to then bring herself to climax again and again. I'm personally not sure i'd like to try anything bigger, but i'm glad I got the chance to try this and it will definately be used again.
All in all a great vibe which is extremely easy to clean, not to mention hygienic as you can easily remove the bullet to clean the inside of the vibe too - now there aren't many you can do that with!

After listening to his explanation, all I could muster was 'WOW'!! This sounds like an amazing toy which needs to be tried to be believed, although everybody's different, so his opinion may not necessarily be the same as yours - please bear this in mind.

Rocks-Off Naughty-Boy is available in Blue, Red or Black and is available from a selection of sex toy stores incuding sextoysuk and sexshop365. So what you waiting for, go get your Rocks-Off!!

Along with the Naughty-Boy, I was also sent the 4US Cock Ring (which my man is willing to try out), the LUV Vibrating Massager and of course I will be reviewing the RO-80mm bullet which comes with the cock ring, so fun times ahead!

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  1. Seems promising, will search for this in my local are market, thanks for sharing.