Friday, 28 February 2014

Hand Paddle from Fancy A Fetish

Fancy a Fetish are a company who deal in a wide range of BDSM and sex toys. I was very kindly given the opportunity to review for them in return for a free product of my choice.                                                                                                                   

The item I chose was the classic Hand Paddle as i've used quite a variation of smacking tools in the past, but haven't had the pleasure of trying out a good, sturdy, satisfying paddle ....until now that is!                               
My paddle arrived in a white protected envelope which was exceptionally well taped shut. My partner did notice that the whole shape of the paddle could be seen through the envelope when held against the light but my postie has probably delivered far more sinister looking items to my door in the past (I like to keep those tongues wagging!). When I eventually got through all the sellotape, I found a rather appealing hand shaped   paddle and couldn't wait for that evening when we'd get to try it out, especially as it was Valentine's Day.    

I really love the 'hand' styling and the studs down the length make it look very appealing indeed! The overall length is around 11.5 inches which is long enough to get a good hand on it and a great swing ...if you like a   nice, hard thwack! The handle width is 2 inches which makes it very comfortable to hold and it's around 4   inches across the palm of the hand so it covers a nice area.                                                                         


The actual thickness of the paddle is a little over half a cm ....                                                            

This paddle is nice and sturdy and has very little give in it during use. It can be used comfortably for either   gentle patting, or good hard smacking, depending on your preferred choice.                                               
It's made from real leather so you know it will go the distance and is decorated with chrome plated studs. It has a shiny surface which makes it very easy to wipe down after use and is light enough in weight to be used by even the weakest among us.                                                                                                                  

Overall, I really loved this paddle and quite simply couldn't get enough of it. My partner had a great time too, especially once he realised that I wouldn't break upon impact! I am definitely looking to increase my             collection of these and would encourage anyone looking to buy a paddle, to consider this one.                     

This paddle is available from Fancy A Fetish and costs a very reasonable £11.99. There's loads of other       products available too, so why not have a good old browse while you're there.                                            
Follow @fancyafetishcom on twitter, i'm sure they'd love you all to pop by and say 'hello'.                                        

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