Friday, 15 August 2014

Rocks Off RO-80mm Ammunition for Love Bullet from Lush Magic

I was lucky enough to receive the Rocks Off RO-80mm Ammunition for Love Bullet free of charge from Lush Magic, in return for an honest review.

I absolutely love the way this bullet is packaged's so hygienic and with the smallest amount of packaging!

As you can see, not only is it contained within a small tube, it's also sealed in with plastic so you're guaranteed that nobody has touched/tampered with it before you.

Once you break the seal and pop of the lid, your new toy will be revealed in all its glory. I absolutely love the sleek design of the RO-80mm and the fact that it's so small and discreet means that it can travel with you anywhere and provide pleasure whenever needed. Better still, the RO-80mm comes complete with batteries, so a quick clean and you're all set to go! Simply unscrew the end and remove the small round piece of paper then replace the end so the batteries are able to connect to the terminals .....

Remove small white paper circle

To operate, simply press the small button on the screw top and hey presto, you're off ....

The RO-80mm only has one operating speed, but it's really all you need! There's a gentle humm when in use which means that anyone in another room won't have a clue what you're up to ....unless the screams give you away of course!

I find this perfect for clitoral stimulation as due to the tapered shape, you can successfully gain pinpoint accuracy to those pleasure points resulting in a very explosive orgasm. This is ideal for a quick release as well as using with a partner .....use during sex so he too can feel the vibration and enjoy. As the RO-80mm is also fully waterproof, there's no reason you can't lock yourself in the bathroom and enjoy a bit of 'me time'.

After use, cleaning is relatively easy but do make sure you get into the grooves where the RO-80mm is stamped as this can be a little more awkward and hygiene is first and foremost.

Rocks Off have introduced a whole range of colour options for the RO-80mm ....

I would highly recommend this to anyone, whether a beginner with sex toys or a more experienced user as it's sure to give pleasure to all!

The Rocks Off RO-80mm Ammunition for Love Bullet is available to buy from Lush Magic and costs only £12.99 ...which isn't alot for the satisfaction you'll receive.

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