Thursday, 25 September 2014

The Meeting Point by Tabitha Rayne

I received a copy of The Meeting Point from Tabitha Rayne free of charge, in return for an honest review.

I have to begin by saying that this review has taken me quite some time to write, as I really didn't know how to put into words exactly what I thought and give The Meeting Point enough to do it the justice it deserves. It has sat in my drafts for weeks being altered and tampered with and now, I'm finally ready to post! Apologies Tabitha.

This is the much anticipated third book in The Meeting Point Trilogy by Tabitha Rayne. The first of these is A Clockwork Butterfly which I reviewed here, and the second is Taking Flight and you can find my review here.

Tabitha has a very unique writing style which captivates the imagination and gives you a unique closeness to each of the characters, even the ones you may dislike. I was really pleased to see a few of the characters I'd grown close to in the first book making a return in this one, especially as I hadn't realised they played such an important part in the final book. Once again, I was gripped from beginning to end and struggled to put it down.

Deborah Regan has been searching for her lover Marcus since he was carted off to a special 'men only farm' where men are being imprisoned and used for rich women't gratification. The rest of humankind is almost extinct due to the deadly toxins in the air but the survivors are fighters and will do whatever it takes to be reunited ...even at the risk of their own lives. The sheer determination shown by each of the characters is so admirable and the sexual tension makes for some very steamy reading! I don't want to give too much away but the end left me in a state of sheer disbelief. When I read any novel, I always have a few guesses as to how it will all turn out in the end, but Tabitha manages to lead you on an unknown journey with many unexpected twists and turns. The emotion comes through loud and clear from each character and you feel their pain and indeed their joy. I love how easily I can relate to all the characters, even though I may not have agreed with how they handled certain situations, but the slightly cheeky and pushy Mae quickly became one of my absolute favourites!

Tabitha Rayne is a truly fantastic writer and knows exactly how to relate to her audience. She draws the reader into an unknown fantasy world and allows them to escape reality with emotionally charged and extremely erotic scenes. I have red a few of Tabithas' books now and would very highly recommend any of them.

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  1. Wowza Sassy! Thank you for this incredibly thorough and thought out review :D x x x delighted that you enjoyed it so much x x x

    1. You're so welcome Tabitha, and thank you so much for allowing me to read it! I have been left speechless reading this trilogy and absolutely LOVED it from beginning to end :) xx