Wednesday, 3 December 2014

New products launch from LELO

LELO Sex Toy, Inspired by Human Touch, Revolutionizes Understanding and Communication About Female Orgasms.

An orgasm so good you can’t keep it to yourself!

Swedish luxury brand LELO has today revealed two new sex toys, the INA Wave and MONA Wave, inspired by the human touch, that are set to revolutionize how men and women will perceive and communicate about female orgasms.

The products use an all new WaveMotion™ technology that enables them to curl up and down to recreate the beckoning, come-hither motion of a lover’s fingers. The result is the perfect, natural feeling of an internal caress and a sensation that climbs through the different types of climax and blends them all together for an orgasm to end all orgasms.
The new INA Wave™ and MONA Wave™ were designed to address a serious subject: the relationship women have with their bodies. The motion of the products closely recreates the sensations of a partner, sensations that are hard to create in your own body, alone. The LELO Waves give that power back to the owner – they allow the user to take complete control of the pleasure that would otherwise only be offered by a partner. In short: INA and MONA Wave give you complete ownership of your orgasm.
Dr Ian Kerner, author of She Comes First said: "When it comes to manual stimulation of the G-spot, a come-hither motion of the fingers is consistently pleasure-producing. Now, with INA Wave and MONA Wave, a woman can experience these intense orgasms on her own.”
Steve Thomson, LELO Head of Marketing said: “Since the first vibrator was produced in the 19th Century, there has been a technological arms race in the sex toy industry. Manufacturers have been clamoring to recreate the first truly natural feeling sex toy for decades, and now we’re finally done it. It’s the vibrating equivalent of landing on the moon: one small step for woman, one huge leap for womankind.
The Waves encourage women to explore the full plethora of orgasms, from clitoral, to G spot, to blended, multiple and beyond, and understand their bodies and how they can achieve these different types of climax.

“As proved recently, by Keira Knightley’s topless shoot, Jennifer Lawrence’s personal photo theft, Kim Kardashian’s Break The Internet shoot and Emma Watson’s insightful UN address, the female body is a battleground”, contuned Mr Thomson. “INA and MONA Waves are the best and latest weapons in the struggle – ownership of your orgasm is ownership of your body. This is a fundamental right as valid as any other, and one worth fighting for.”
To celebrate this new way to experience the world-changing climax, LELO has released an intimate guide that goes BENEATH THE SURFACE of orgasms.

You can also watch the video here:

With the ownership of one’s body comes the ability to talk about it with confidence. This communication is an essential part of any relationship. And that’s what has driven the design of the Waves: more control, more ownership, better orgasms, better communication, better sex lives, better lives in general.
The INA Wave and MONA Wave are available from all good sex toy retailers and from

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  1. Wow, I loved that video on Lela and also interested for having that pink collared one as its mine favourite one. Apart from that for now I am using vibrator sex toy for have sexual fantasy that I brought from an online sextoy store as pleasureplayz.