Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Sexy Just Walked Into Town - Britbabes

What an absolutely spanktastic little book of erotic tales. From start to finish this is packed with stories guaranteed to float your boat and leave you breathless. This book features stories from all 8 of the gorgeous Britbabes and although each has their own unique style of writing, they go together like strawberries and cream to make a very satisfying combo. Take care when reading in public as there are quite a few leg clenching moments as I soon discovered .....even a few gasps & blushes escaped me! If you're looking for something hot to read that's also sexy as hell, then this is the book for you. Each story is short enough to cater for even the busiest of people and as they're all so different, every taste has also been accounted for. What are you waiting for, go grab your copy NOW!!

Grab your free Kindle copy NOW on Amazon.co.uk or you could grab yourself the paperback for a mere £5.99!

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