Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Premium Aqua Gel from Givelube

Last year I was lucky enough to be sent some Premium Aqua Gel from Givelube to review, you can read it here if you missed it! At the time, I did find it a good lube to use, however I also found it a little runny ... it did make it spread that bit further though.
Givelube have now introduced a new improved version of their lube and sent me some samples to compare and review. I (very luckily) received 2 bottles ....
Midi & Mini Givelube Aqual Gel
The comparison ....
The old slightly runny lube
 I decided to take a pic of each to compare them both and as you can see in the pic above, the texture of the old lube is slightly runny which although it did the job, was a little awkward getting it to stay on the toy!

Givelube have since changed their lube slightly to make it a little thicker, but without compromising it's qualities and effectivness ....
New improved thicker lube
The lube is now thicker and has a bit of 'staying-power' which is exactly what you want when trying to have your moment of fun. I tried it with my new glass toy and it worked a treat helping it glide with ease! Not only did the lube stay exactly where I put it, but it made my toy a pleasure to use. It's non sticky so you don't get in a mess, odour free, colour free and taste free so all in all it makes for a bloody good time whether alone or with your partner. No worries if you practice safe sex which of course, unless in a loving long-term relationship, you all should, as this lube is also suitable for use with latex condoms ....need I say more??

Givelube is available in:
Mini (30ml) RRP £3.95
Midi (100ml) RRP £8.95
Maxi (250ml) RRP £12.95

Click here for a list of stockists.

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