Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Breathe You In by Lily Harlem

I received this review copy free of charge, in return for an honest review.

Katie thought her world was complete when she married her soul mate, Matt. She had a job she enjoyed, a decent home and best of all, got to spend all her free time with the man she loved and adored. Without warning, all that was about to change and Katies world would come crashing down around her. Would she ever be able to leave the past behind and move on, or will it see her on the path to insanity and self destruction?

I'll leave you to read it as I don't want to give too much away!!

Lily has really excelled herself with this extremely moving romance novel, managing to stir up a whole range of emotions within the reader. I found myself gripped from the very beginning and eager to see what happened next.
There are a few explicit sex scenes which are very poignant to the story and each written appropriately and lovingly. At points I found myself gasping in sheer disbelief as well as shedding the odd tear .....this really is a deeply moving story, and each emotion shines through with such depth that you can actually feel Katies pain. I absolutely LOVED reading this. I became so fond of the main characters and felt as though I actually knew them which made their pain all the more real! We all feel pain, but each and every one of us have our own way of dealing with it. This is one womans fight against her own feelings.

To read about the inspiration behind Breathe You In, just click here - believe me, its worth a read!!

Breathe You In by Lily Harlem is available to buy from:
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