Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The Cocksheath from Bad Dragon

Bad Dragon area company who produce the most amazing fantasy sex toys for those who are looking for that 'little bit of something different'. I'm sure you'll agree that they've certainly achieved that ....and very successfully too!

Each product is hand made using a high quality silicone and all are latex free, phthalates free and are completely body safe. You can also customise size, colour and even firmness on most products.

I was lucky enough to receive The Cocksheath in return for an honest review.

All Bad Dragon products arrive in a plain cardboard box and are wrapped in tissue paper to keep everything together and help prevent damage.

Here's what I received ......
Click to enlarge

As you can see, I received a Bad Dragon pen, pin badge, sample disc, The Cocksheath and a miniature of The Breeder. (Please note that miniatures are not available to buy)
For hygiene reasons, each 'toy' comes in a sealed plastic bag.

There are 7 colour choices available for The Cocksheath - 5 standard, and 2 brand new glow-in-the-dark options

I opted for the bioluminescent aqua as I don't have any toys which glow in the dark and I have to say, I think I made a really good choice!

It was a little difficult to show how well this glows in a pic, but i'm hoping you get the idea! They all come in a standard size of around 5 and a half inches so are suitable for almost anyone. The Cocksheath is open at both ends and once lubed, slides over the penis/dildo without too much trouble.

The placement strap sits snugly over the testes and helps hold the Cocksheath securely in place ....

Pic taken from Bad Dragon

There are very refined ridges on the exterior and interior which all help heighten arousal and the added simulated knot delivers some very nice sensations indeed! Please take note that the circumference of the knot is around 6.25 inches ....but that's without anything inside it! My partner is very well endowed which increased the circumference and made it a little more difficult to insert .....i'm only small! Plenty of lube is the key here, and once you get going, the sensations are amazing for both parties. The ridges on the inside gave my partner that extra stimulation as he thrust back and forth and although he was a little worried that the placement strap would be uncomfortable, he was surprised by how snugly it sat and added to his overall enjoyment.

The Cocksheath comes in a single flexible size and firmness and is suitable for most people. It can be worn either over the penis, or over a dildo as I mentioned earlier .....either way, it's satisfaction guaranteed!

The only slight problem I had was the cleaning. The outside was no problem, but it was a little bit fiddly trying to get in between all the ridges on the inside. I rinsed it thoroughly with warm water, then sprayed some cleaner onto a cloth pushed that in with my fingers to give it a good wipe around. I stood him upright to allow any excess water to drain out, then with a dry cloth, went around the inside again. It took a while but he's now cleaned and prepped ready for his next outing .....which won't be too far away!

Overall I really loved this! The new tapered tip means there's less sliding upon insertion and the firmness is absolutely perfect.

The Cocksheath costs from $70 and is a must-have for any toy box

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