Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Surrogates by KD Grace

I received this review copy free of charge, in return for an honest review.

Daniel Alexander III meant every word of his wedding vows to Bel with the utmost sincerity, so he's at a complete loss as to what to do when he begins to develop feelings for his attractive female gardener Francie. Careful not to break his wedding vows, Dan believes that 'watching' Francie masturbate in front of him will suffice his cravings and without having any physical contact, he can't possibly be accused of cheating on Bel. Things continue like this for a while as Francie is anything but shy and plays up to Dans wanton needs, living in the hope that one day she can have Dan mentally and physically ....just as soon as he plucks up the courage to ask Bel for a divorce.

Things take a slightly different turn when Simon, an old friend of Dans turns up and Dan approaches him with a proposal. What if Simon was to get physical with Francie whilst Dan watched and ordered instructions? A notion almost too bizarre to contemplate for Simon, although he couldn't help but admit that it did stir up a few tingles in his nether regions. To top everything off, Bel seems quite content having intimate one-on-one sessions with her massage therapist, Ellen .....unbeknown to Dan!

Grab yourself a copy and find out what happens as the story unfolds ....there are more twists and turns than I ever expected and each one took me by surprise! The sex scenes are pretty kinky and there's also the use of a few impliments ....I learned a few things reading this thanks KD ;) A great storyline which will grab your attention, pull you in then leave you breathless by the end.
A highly charged and deeply explicit read which is sure to have you gasping in both shock and pleasure.

Surrogates by KD Grace can be purchased from: for £0.99 but there's currently no pricing available

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