Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Pony Play Butt Plug Whip from Uberkinky!

Firstly I must apologize to Uberkinky for the length of time this has taken me to publish. Despite being able to try the product, I didn't have an available pc/lappy to update and i'm not sure my daughter would have appreciated me using hers for this purpose. All sorted now and raring to go!!

I was lucky enough to have been sent the Pony Play Butt Plug Whip for free, in return for an honest review, so here it is!

Arrived coiled up
Tail straightened out

The pony plug arrived curled up in a clear plastic bag with no unwanted or wasteful packaging. I did have a few problems trying to get the tail to hang straight, but patience is the key here! The butt plug part is red in colour and the tail is black. There is a slight smell which I noticed upon opening, although for me, this can be overlooked as it wasn't as strong as some sex toys.

I loved the feel of this. I have only ever tried a butt plug once before, and really struggled to insert it as it just kept bending. This however, is a lot firmer and more sturdy making it far easier to use ....and less of a fumble! It is kind of slippery once a bit lube has been added though so take care .....or better still, get your partner to do it for you!

The butt plug is tapered at the end to provide easy, comfortable access and is only 3 inches in girth at its fattest ....perfect if you're a novice like myself! The 'horse-hair' effect tail is absolutely fab for some sensual play and feels nice when stroked across the skin a few times before being given a gently whip. It definitely isn't hardcore, neither is it designed to cause pain, but it does give a nice, fluttery feeling depending on use. My partner had loads of fun teasing me with this.
Insertable length is just under 4 inches
Tapered end for easy entry
Horse-like tail
The base of the plug is slightly larger than the rest, making it easier to get hold of which is definitely a good move.

I personally absolutely loved this as my first 'proper' butt plug and have had much enjoyment from it. It's just the right size for a beginner and the whip provides that little extra bit of fun. My partner enjoyed using this to tease and please me and was most satisfied with the results.

The Pony Play Butt Plug is made by Doc Johnson and costs a very pleasing £19.99 from Uberkinky.

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