Thursday, 21 March 2013

TAOI Pure Vibes Intimate Massager from Naughty Nights UK

I love it when I receive something a little bit different to review and thanks to Naughty Nights UK, I received just that.

The TAOI Pure Vibes Intimate Massager arrived at the weekend and I couldn't wait to try it out.

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As with all parcels I receive from Naughty Nights UK, this arrived in very discreet packaging ...just what you need if your neighbours are as nosy as mine! Not only was it sealed in a plain white padded envelope, but once I got passed that, I found that it was also sealed in a purple plastic bag .....perfect!

The massager packaging is a nice small box which is pale lilac in colour and has a see through window on the front ....although it only shows a small amount of the vibe!
Once opened, there's a slide out plastic sleeve which houses your new toy and a small leaflet with minor instructions for use as well as showing other TAOI products available.

Unlike alot of other toys, this massager is intended to be used, then thrown away ....such a shame for such a pretty thing!

Pretty orchid design
I have to say that unlike alot of vibes/massagers, this one is pretty discreet and difficult to tell what it actually is ...unless you already know of course! The pretty orchid design looks fab and the tiny green stem makes it easy to hold and easy to activate.

There's a small plastic bit poking from the stem which says 'Pull Here'. You won't be able to use it until you've removed this part! To activate, a simple twist of the stem is all that is required. Easy peasy!

Remove plastic strip before use
Twist stem to activate
A slight twist of the stem will give you really mild vibrations but if you twist it all the way, they become alot more powerful. Although the stem is quite sturdy, the petals are flexible and you can see them vibrate slightly when it's turned on ....I absolutely loved the feel of them! It's made from Medical Grade Silicone which is great, but I found that it was a bit of a dust magnet so please bare this in mind.

There's a very slight raised bullet shaped part in the centre of the orchid which is where the vibrations stem from and I have to say, it lies very snugly between the legs ...something they've obviously given some serious thought to!

When I first began testing sex toys, I would have absolutely loved this and found that it gave quick relief when needed. Now that i'm a slightly more experienced user, I found that the vibrations weren't quite strong enough to make me writhe in ecstasy. I experimented by using the tips of the leaves to stimulate my clit ......although vibrations through these aren't strong, I found the light fluttering very nice indeedy! As for the noise factor, it's perfect. It's so quiet that you could get away with using it in a public library (if you dare!!).

It's such a shame that the TAOI Pure Vibes Intimate Massager is disposable as it's a toy i'd rather like to have kept ....mainly due to how pretty it is!

You get around 45 minutes (give or take) before the battery dies and there's no visible signs of being able to change the battery ...I have looked!

As for the price, Naughty Nights UK have this available for only £5 which I really wouldn't mind paying, however, this is a saving of £12.99 from the normal price of £17.99 which I personally feel is rather steep for a one-use toy!