Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Prolific Pleasure from Aphrodite's Gift

Quite some months ago now, I was lucky enough to win a very interesting toy from Aphrodite's Gift over on twitter. Although it wasn't a requirement of the competition, I have decided to review it on my blog.

When I received my prize, I was gobsmacked at how appealing it looked ...i've had less interesting toys for review, so to win one was amazing! Curious?? Here's what I got .....

Prolific Pleasure
Prolific Pleasure boasts of being 100% Silicone meaning it's non-toxic, allergy proof, odourless, chemical resistant, water repellent, heat stable, dishwasher safe and highly durable .....not bad eh!!

The packaging for me was perfect. You can see exactly what you're getting and there's even a little hole on the front of the packaging which has a small ball of the vibe material poking through so you can have a good feel before buying ...

Feel before you buy
There's also a detailed section on the back of the packaging showing each of the 10 yes, you heard right, 10 functions!!

10 available functions
To gain access to your new toy, simply slide off the outer sleeve and hey presto ....

Once inside the box, you'll not only find your new toy and an instruction leaflet, but this gorgeous pastel vibe comes complete with it's own lilac bag to keep it safe from prying eyes ...

Complete with velvety feel bag
The thing that makes this vibe that bit extra special is the fact that it contains not 1 but 2 vibrating bullets!! The first of these can be found in the little 'clit tickler' to give it that bit extra oomph ...and my word it certainly delivers. The second can be found in the slightly angled tip of the vibe, ensuring that the vibrations are sent direct to your gspot. Prolific Pleasure is 6.5" of pure pleasure and has a slightly twisted effect part way down the shaft .....

The clit tickler has flexible ears which are very soft but with the added vibration, they give a lovely fluttering sensation which is sure to get you stirring. The feel of the whole thing is slightly velvety and really inviting. It's slightly squishy making it one of the most comfortable vibes i've ever had the pleasure of using. Due to this vibe having 10 different functions ranging from pulsating to a strong continuous vibration, it really does have something for everyone and for me personally, every one of the 10 functions served a different purpose but all had me writhing in ecstasy.

The vibe requires 2AA batteries which are easily inserted into the base ....

Operating this vibe is also really simple ...just push the button!

The bottom one is obviously the on/off button and the other is to flick your way through the available vibrations.

I absolutely loved this! The extra bullet in the tip really does give this the edge and better still, it's not scary in size. I found this extremely easy and exciting to use and didn't mind my man pleasuring me with it either was actually really nice just closing my eyes and allowing him free reign! As for the noise factor, I was pleasantly surprised by how quiet this was. No hiding under the duvet with it!! It's also very light in weight making it easy to control and shift about.

As always, I used my favorite GiveLube premium aqua gel which always enhances my enjoyment of the toys I use.

Prolific Pleasure is available to buy from Aphrodite's Gifts and costs £26.99 which I think is a fair price for such a great toy.

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